«Children of all export». The North of the Crimea choking from the reflux of acid from the factory

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobanka closed joint-stock company Crimea Titan«Children of all export». The North of the Crimea choking from the reflux of acid from the factory© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

In the Crimean city of Armyansk an emergency. The locals suddenly found that all metal objects covered with a sticky rust. People complain about health, social networks have filled the dried-up photos of leaves, children in respirators with a red rash on the face.

The townspeople are sure the reason is the emissions from the plant «Crimean Titan». The concentration of harmful substances in the air on the North of the Peninsula exceeded the norm. On Tuesday, September 4, arrived here the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov, local and Federal officials. Decided to remove all children in the sanatorium. The factory stopped for two weeks, although there deny involvement in the incident. There is another problem: «the Crimean Titan» — forming enterprise, so just to shut down and leave thousands of people without work is impossible.

Rash, burns, the metal in the throat

Residents of Armyansk forced to stay at home with the Windows closed even on hot days, to the acrid smell penetrated the room. Go outside only when necessary, and a respirator for a while, or start dizziness and nausea. Elena quietly told RIA Novosti that the situation in the city deteriorated, August 23: at the local plant «Crimean Titan» was a release of hazardous substances, then the surrounding area were similar to the exclusion zone.

«From six in the morning unable to breathe. Today, talking with a young woman in the store, her baby has a terrible Allergy — spot on the body, cough. When to take a strong antihistamine, it goes away. The Windows and doors of the house closed, but the hood and the plate was covered with a strange bloom. All the metal on the balcony paravelo. My child had a condition as in case of poisoning: fever, nausea, weakness, headache. POLYSORB drinking, but nothing helped. It became easier until I was out of town,» says Elena.

Similar stories are published in social networks, a photo and rash, and rust and oily deposits on the highway dangerous to drive. In medical institutions of many visitors. Masks and respirators in pharmacies is not enough. The Ministry of health of the Republic officially confirm that recorded an increase in the number of calls to the clinic Armyansk, diagnoses are mostly allergic.

Local resident Irina Kuzmina told RIA Novosti that during several days on the way to school, her son finds dead cats: «too many of Them, so this is hardly a coincidence. May have died due to poisoning».
«Everything in butter»

In late August, the Armenian sent a group of specialists of the Ministry of environment of the Republic, the regional administration of Rospotrebnadzor and the Prosecutor’s office under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Igor Mickle. Environmentalists and officials said that the health of citizens threatens nothing, the problem is solved. As the days passed, however, people continued to complain about the deterioration of health. According to Elena, the Quiet, the city authorities recently claimed that emissions are within the norm.

«I watered the road early in the morning, but when the asphalt is slightly heated by the sun, started evaporation. And breathe. People should be able the children were taken out of town relatives to the gardens for a week half-empty. Kids on the street do not take the group closed. More than a day the house is impossible, you still have the symptoms. All surfaces are like butter. Where to go? I don’t know,» laments the interviewee.

RIA Novosti on the phone with the specialists of the Republican Department of Rospotrebnadzor. The office of the head of the Agency explained to us that all information is published on the official website. In the last entry, dated 1 September States that the concentration of pollutants in the city is normal. To provide a current review in the CPS failed because «the press service of the no, all the experts on the road in Armyansk».


After numerous complaints in social networks and publications in the local media in Armyansk arrived a whole crew of officials. The head of the region Sergey Aksenov met with residents, talked to the head of the Federal Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova and representatives of other control agencies. On his page on Facebook he said that on 4 September the concentration of sulphur dioxide exceeded the norm, however, «no basis for imposing state of emergency, to panic, to the life and health of citizens threatens nothing».


Despite the soothing tone, the head of the Republic ordered to quickly evacuate all children from the town and two nearby villages. Announced a two-week vacation. This is done according to Aksenov, «to develop all the algorithms of actions». Set up operational headquarters to coordinate the efforts of agencies. This, in particular, concerns the question of sending the children to a sanatorium.

«All will be at the expense of the state», — promised the head. It is already known that the sanatorium, which are included in the state enterprise «Solar Tavrika», ready to take three thousands of children and accompanying persons from Armyansk. They settle in the three districts of the Republic. Connected and entrepreneurs: the President of the Association of small hotels of Crimea Natalia Parkhomenko in Facebook said that if necessary, the owners will help with accommodation.


Plant «Crimea Titan» is situated about five kilometers from the city, near the border with Ukraine. This is one of the largest enterprises in Eastern Europe producing titanium dioxide, which is used to manufacture paints, plastics, rubber, rubber, paper. Here is made the red iron oxide pigment, sulphuric acid, iron sulfate and other hazardous substances.

Today, the plant is not just the only large, city-forming enterprise of Armenian. In his workshop employs nearly five thousand people, half of employed residents. In 2014, the Titan began to convert, to change the scheme of deliveries of raw materials, which impacted revenues and wages. Plant employee Andrew Osintsev (name changed at his request) says: «Wages are always delayed, not critical, but for a few days, a week exactly. Employees who are unable to leave town, are actually in the trap, as to find an alternative source of income is unrealistic. Salaries are not that high, but at least something. And the leadership of the «Crimean Titan» knows that if the plant closes, about five thousand people will lose work and, therefore, the city will develop a hard situation. This gives them carte Blanche».

According to Andrew and other staff with whom we managed to communicate, emissions are to blame parched kislotoustoichiv. «Before it was fed from the North-Crimean channel, but now it is closed source. The concentration of sulphur dioxide exceeded. When the wind blows, the smell of hydrochloric acid,» — said the employee of the plant Alexey prosviryakov (name changed).

As Alex says, today the main headache he does not work, and the health of children, because of the release of the chemistry of small inhabitants of Armyansk complain of nausea, dizziness, burns and a burning sensation in the legs.

Your vision problems the President of the Russian Union of chemists (CAS), former Director of the «Crimea Titan» Victor Petrov. He explained to RIA Novosti that in this situation the fault of the plant it is not: failures of the enterprise or process was not, therefore, the administration denied any involvement in emissions is reasonable.

«But on closer analysis it turned out that in the past four years, the Titan stopped the production of mineral fertilizers, which are used, in particular, sulfuric acid. In the end, the drives are merged more acidic waters. Due to the extreme heat water from ponds evaporated, the concentration of sulfuric acid increased. The reaction of sodium chlorine brine from Sivash (lake Sivash. — Approx. ed.) with the acid — formed chlorine and soda. Chlorine was steaming, the wind carried it to the Armenian. To predict it was impossible,» — said Petrov.

According to him, nothing except to raise the water level in the storage tank can be done. The President of the CA suggested that it would be possible to stretch the tube of the Karkinit Bay through Perekop (Turkish) shaft, which is about five kilometers.

«If there were open the North-Crimean canal, it wouldn’t have happened. And now we have to build a bypass. There are no other options. But to close the plant not because it is the only enterprise in Russia, which produces titanium dioxide. We consume seventy-odd thousand tons per year. If you stop the Titan, will have to buy in other countries», — concluded the expert.

PS: As it became known on the evening of 4 September, the Department of the investigative Committee in Crimea opened a criminal case on the fact of violation of rules of handling environmentally hazardous substances after release into the atmosphere of fumes from the plant.