Defense Ministry: the role of chaplains in the army has always been a big

© RIA Novosti / Vadim Sawickitarella in fotobiennale of the Main operational Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces Andrei Kartapolov during a briefingDefense Ministry: the role of chaplains in the army has always been a big© RIA Novosti / Vadim Sawickitarella the image Bank

Historically, the Russian and the Russian army the role of the military clergy was very great, and it should be returned, reported on Wednesday to journalists by the Deputy Minister of defence — chief military-political control, Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov.

At the Main temple of the Armed Forces, the construction of which will begin soon in the Park «Patriot», «will operate a training Center of army chaplains,» he said at the first meeting with the press in a new position.

Noting the need for such work, Kartapolov said that the «spirit of a soldier, spirit of a soldier — a weapon, we can see the example of our soldiers who are fighting in Syria, and this spirit should be brought up, because it does not appear on the empty place.»

«And this has to do military chaplains,» said he.

Speaking about the temple, Kartapolov expressed confidence that his visitors are not only military personnel, their families and the staff of the Ministry of defense structures, but other citizens. The Deputy Minister noted that he «will be another example of the unity of all our people around the idea of patriotism, love and devotion to our country.»

According to him, «the military element will be the main focus of this temple.»

«We want to see in this temple reflected not only a purely canonical, ecclesiastical things. We want this temple became not only a centre of spiritual education and historical education,» he said.