In Blagoveshchensk has told, from-for what could be lost trained cat

CC0 / Schreib-Engel / cat. Archival photoIn Blagoveshchensk has told, from-for what could be lost trained catCC0 / Schreib-Engel /

Police are continuing to investigate the situation with the show-theatre «Consisting of» in Blagoveshchensk, where he died a tame cat, it was established that the cause of death of the animal could be a stray dog, told RIA Novosti the head of information and public relations UMVD of Russia across the Amur region Inna Kartashova.

Information about the alleged death of 12 cats theatre was identified during monitoring of social networks, the police began checking, a regional portal of ASN 24 reported that in the massacre of animals suspected of teenagers, which was a conflict with employees «Kotovasiya». On Tuesday, a member of the parent Committee of the theatre Olga Arsentyeva has told RIA Novosti that on the morning of 3 September the dead in an enclosure was found by a cat named Day, the other 11 cats, according to her, disappeared, and the door of the enclosure has been compromised.

The police found that information about the death of 12 cats published in social networks, «the employee organization, which owns cats.»

«Previously it is established that the building in which is located the show-the theater is under renovation. Animals at the time of repair moved to the yard of the building. While cats are free to roam and come and go independently. The balance in this organization are not. In early September a worker found a corpse of a cat with numerous lacerations that could be caused to the animals. Residents of the area in which the incident occurred, spoke about the stray dogs who live here permanently»,- said Kartashov.

Police also interviewed a woman who has published in social networks a post about the incident with the cats.

«She said upset by the fact that in a short time the animals were gone, but one pet was killed, in social networks posted a message about this. Currently the post from the page in social networks with information about the death of cats is removed, the test continues», — said the Agency interlocutor.