In Tatarstan, opened the first in Russia Museum of archaeological wood

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Russia’s first Museum of archaeological wood «Tatar settlement» opened Wednesday at the island-town of Sviyazhsk in Tatarstan within the framework of Kazan forum on intercultural dialogue.

In 2010 in Sviyazhsk with the assistance of the Republican Fund «Revival» began extensive restoration work and archaeological research. In the shore protection work was opened a rare complex of medieval wooden residential buildings that are preserved in the wet cultural layer. Were found the remains of buildings and streets of the XVI-XVIII centuries, is well preserved organic – fabric clothes, material wood. The study uniquely preserved archaeological wood gave a new idea of urban culture, traditions of construction and technology, urban life of this period.

Based on the data of archaeological researches, in order to preserve the unique exhibits in 2014 was adopted the concept of creating a Museum of archeology of the tree providing the device of protective constructions of the archaeological zone. Construction on the Volga river, which houses the Museum, built by the Tatar special scientific restoration Department. The museumification of the object engaged in the Institute of archaeology named after A. H. Khalikov, Kazan Federal University and Centre for Museum design.

«We are opening a new Museum, nothing like I have ever seen. We managed to raise the exhibits and ensure their safety. All this has made our experts and scientists. Few museums in the world such that Russia – the first,» said state Advisor of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Fund «Vozrozhdenie» Mintimer Shaimiev at the opening of the Museum.

The opening ceremony was also attended by the first Deputy Director-General of UNESCO Xing qu, former Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, the Director of the famous Swedish naval Museum Vase Magnus Olafsson.

The exposition of the Museum is equipped with modern multimedia equipment. The exhibition includes the main exhibition hall, a Central part of archaeological excavation and exposure of open storage. In the excavation on the area of 900 square meters recreates the actual location the wooden the urban development of the middle of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The perimeter of the Windows is an exhibition of three sections: medieval wooden architecture, restoration and conservation of archaeological artifacts, lessons and lifestyle of the population of the Posad of Sviyazhsk XVI-XVII centuries. The Museum has 40 wooden buildings. Of great interest is the collection of the exhibited products from bark, wood, leather, fabric and other organic materials. Out of the exhibition funds are open storage facilities 2.4 thousand products wooden buildings. In Russia of analogues of such a display of archaeological findings does not exist yet.

An important part of the exhibition is the 21-meter animated picture «of the XVII century Sviyazhsk» with the reconstruction of appearance and everyday life of the city on the basis of historical sources. It is made as a monumental work of art that combines the traditional techniques of fine art animation and computer technology. In the technique of flipping and time-lapse animation presented 450 characters involved in 120 the domestic scene. The exposition included 20 monitors accompanying the thematic sections of the Museum.

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