In the OP supported the initiatives on the transition to five-day school week

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Modern students are extremely overloaded, free Saturday would give them a chance to relax from the busy school schedule and devote the time for more development, says the honored artist of Russia, head of the Public chamber Commission on the support of family, motherhood and childhood Diana Gurtskaya.

«The reality is that children are overburdened. After all, we are trying to combine classical education of the twentieth century with the demands and challenges of the it century. Saturday today is an opportunity to take a little break from the busy school schedule, and the chance to engage in additional education and sport,» said Gurtskaya RIA Novosti.

She noted that the sounding of the initiative on the transition to five-day school week «correct», and «support parents.» The obshchestvennitsa, you should think about the duration of lessons.

«Let me remind you that there are a number of studies which show that the efficiency of forty, and not sorokapyatiletnyaya classes,» added Gurtskaya.

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of education of the Moscow region reported that the school of the Moscow region from September 1 to move to five-day learning mode, all municipalities received recommendations.