Pamfilova warned about possible provocations on the eve of elections

© photo courtesy of CEC Rossiyaga of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova. Archive photoPamfilova warned about possible provocations on the eve of elections© photo courtesy of the CEC of Russia

The head of the Central election Commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova on the eve of the single voting day warned colleagues about distributed fake requests for her signature and the possibility of provocations and urged to respond adequately to it.

She said that during the current elections, the CEC intends «rigidly to react to possible attempts to interfere with the representatives of Executive power.» However, the Minister drew attention to the possibility of provocations.

«Here in Ekaterinburg, recently, was such a provocation, when the home addresses of chairmen of precinct election commissions of the city began to receive letters on letterhead, with my signature on it… by the Way, the text is very good, I would have signed up, an excellent text. But it is not in the text, the fact that it was a fake,» — said Pamfilova at the meeting of the CEC on Wednesday.

She stressed that the fact of a fake of the document of the state Department is «very dangerous and very serious.» «This is unacceptable. Of course, we now all data will be passed to law enforcement agencies, may still finish it, because this is a dangerous trend», — believes the Chairman of the CEC.

Pamfilova does not exclude the possibility of other provocations in the election day. «You know, of course, there will be all sorts of provocations. Let us respond to them adequately, objectively and competently, accurately. Just for this we must be ready,» she added.