«Roscosmos» called the publication of the hole in the «Union» pressure on the Commission

© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemievich to Earth from the International space station. Archive photo«Roscosmos» called the publication of the hole in the «Union» pressure on the Commission© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemides to daily updates RIA Science

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Roskosmos asked the media not to publish unverified information about the incident with the air leak on the ISS, considering that these articles put pressure on the Commission, reported on the website of the Corporation.

Roskosmos asks to refrain representatives of the media to publish unverified information received from anonymous sources, the results of the work of the Commission for the investigation of the emergency situation on Board of the manned transport spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09″,» — said in a release.

In Roscosmos said that the reference to «so-called «sources in the rocket and space industry», informing various «versions» of the investigation — the method of manipulation of information and the impact on the work of the Commission.»

The Commission will complete its work in mid-September, its findings will present in the «Roskosmos», and then «to be determined action to prevent similar situations.»

Air leaks on the ISS found a week ago, on the night of August 30. The crew checked all compartments and found, according to the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, «hairline fracture» in the spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09». It was located in the living compartment, not in the descent module, so do not threaten the return of the spacecraft to the Ground.

As reported by RIA Novosti earlier three sources in the industry, internal Commission RSC Energia inclined to believe that the hole from the drill in a space ship appeared in the workshop of the General Assembly of the ships in the suburban Queen, and not on Baikonur or in space.

«Roscosmos» called the publication of the hole in the «Union» pressure on the Commission© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia the ship «Union»