Roskoshestvo told how to choose a washing powder

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Experts Roskoshestvo in his message spoke on how to choose a good washing powder that is suitable for a particular case.

Autonomous nonprofit organization «Russian quality system» (Rascacielo) established by the government of the Russian Federation in 2015 to conduct independent studies of the quality of goods available on the shelves of Russian stores, and education of Russians in the selection of quality products and services. The best goods of the Russian Roskoshestvo awards the «quality Mark».

Specialists Roskoshestvo note that to determine the choice of detergent will help answers to questions about whether washing by hand or in the machine, the machine, some fabrics, and the condition of the packaging.

Manual or automatic

You should not use powder for hand washing in the automatic machine, experts warn. «The fact that the powder for hand washing are vysokoparnym, and the excess foam could damage the wiring of the washing machine. Powders for machines low-foaming, thanks to the correctly selected composition, or by introducing antifoaming agent», — experts say.

However, they also draw attention to the fact that all of the Laundry can be divided into four groups: cotton, wool, silk and polyester. According to experts, for clothes made of natural fabrics — linens, towels — universal fit powder products. «If you need whitening, then choose the tool with the addition of powdered bleach or Laundry booster – stain remover — peroxide based bleaches. Recommended washing temperature 60 to 90 degrees,» recommend experts.

For colored clothes, e.g., shirts, and more efficient use of funds for colored clothes. To remove specific stains, add bleach to colored clothes & Laundry – stain remover — peroxide based bleaches and the recommended washing temperature is 40 degrees.

Linen of delicate fabrics, experts recommend to erase only special means for delicate fabrics when washing temperature of 40 degrees, if permitted by the manufacturer of such clothes.

As for the things made of wool, they, according to experts, it is better to take to the dry cleaners. «If you decide to wash themselves, use special liquid detergents for wool and silk» — specify in Roccacasale.

Water quality

«In hard water not only reduces the quality of washing, but the machine can quickly fail due to the fact that its heating elements formed scale», — noticed by the representatives of the organization. They clarify that to mitigate the hardness of the water in the composition of the powders injected phosphates, zeolites and phosphonates, and in liquid detergents citrates, salts of citric acid.

«Always pay attention to the presence of these components in the composition means for washing if the water hardness in your area middle or high level — higher than 3-4 degrees of hardness», — experts recommend.

If the family has children up to three years, in this case experts advise to use products for washing baby clothes the age category that applies to the child. «Any means for washing baby clothes and diapers are suitable for washing clothes of adults, but not Vice versa», — emphasized in Roccacasale.

In addition, care should be taken with powdered Laundry detergents, if the family has allergies. «Often Allergy causing dust these powders or perfume, part. Allergy is caused by the smell of fragrances? Go to the tools without her. Be careful with powdered media, liquid replace them,» added the organization.

Packaging is important

«Always carefully inspect the packaging. There should not be any mechanical damage, which can Wake up the powder or liquid drain means, and you will receive an underweight in the purchased product,» — experts warn.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the expiration date of detergent. In their composition are active ingredients that have a specific useful life, after which can change their physical and chemical properties, explain the experts.

In addition, the text on the packaging must be clearly printed, and the presence of the GOST, which made the tool can confirm that it is a quality product.