The FBI said they found stolen 13 years ago, shoes from «the Wizard of Oz»

© AP Photo / Cliff OwenЗдание the FBI in Washington, USA. Archival photoThe FBI said they found stolen 13 years ago, shoes from «the Wizard of Oz»© AP Photo / Cliff Owen

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) told how the agents managed to find red shoes Dorothy Gale from «the Wizard of Oz» in 1939, which was stolen from the Museum in 2005.

Scarlet satin shoes, embroidered with sequins, was stolen from a Museum in Minnesota in 2005. In the film, they were magical. For information that would help them to find, was the prize in one million dollars.

As reported on the FBI website, in the summer of 2017, 12 years after the theft, one person contacted the company that insures the shoes and said that he knows how to return. When it became obvious that «the person involved was just trying to blackmail the owners of the shoes», the police of the city of Grand rapids in Minnesota appealed for help to the FBI.

After almost a year of investigation «with the invaluable help of a team of FBI crimes in the field of art, laboratory and FBI field offices in Chicago, Atlanta and Miami» the shoes were found during an undercover operation in Minneapolis.

Agents of the FBI office in Minneapolis, moved the find to the national Museum of American history, Smithsonian institution in Washington, DC where since 1979, exhibited another identical pair of ruby shoes. The Museum staff helped to establish the authenticity of the found pair.

The film «the Wizard of Oz» released in 1939. The role of Dorothy is played by American actress Judy garland. In 1940, the picture was nominated on «Oscar» in six nominations, two of which became the winner.