The Gorky Moscow art theater will present the new season five premieres

© RIA Novosti / Olga Shinkman them. Bitter in the Tver ParkwayThe Gorky Moscow art theater will present the new season five premieres© RIA Novosti / Olga Schwenk

New theatrical season the Moscow art theatre named after Gorky will begin on 15 September, the theater plans to release five Prime Minister, said on Wednesday the artistic Director of the Theater Tatiana Doronina on traditional collecting troupe.

On the main stage preparing performances of the famous plays of Russian and foreign playwrights: «the wise man stumbles» by Alexander Ostrovsky, «Zoyka’s apartment» by Mikhail Bulgakov, «Lady Hamilton» («He bequeathed it to the nation») of Terence and Red and «the Glass menagerie» by Tennessee Williams. Staging famous plays of Aleksei Arbuzov’s «Tales of old Arbat» will be put on the Small stage.

Even before the opening of the season of the Moscow art theatre named after Gorky will be going on tour to Syktyvkar, where it will introduce viewers to performances of «Old friends», «the Cherry orchard» and «Master and Margarita». Further, the theatre will go to Cherepovets, where on 11 and 12 September will show «Not all cat Shrovetide» and «My poor Marat».

According to tradition, on 15 September in Moscow will show the play «Vassa Zheleznova» with doroninoj in the title role. In anticipation of the festive evening dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the theater, which will be held on October 27 on the main stage from October 20 to 26 will be held the Week better Mat performances.

Tatiana Doronin congratulated the artists who celebrated anniversaries in the past season and introduced young actors joined the troupe. Doronina finished his speech with these words: «I Hope that we will work together willingly and effectively».