The Russian Embassy is concerned about reports concerning the mental condition of the convicted person in the United States Nikulina

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation in Washington. Archival photoThe Russian Embassy is concerned about reports concerning the mental condition of the convicted person in the United States Nikulina© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate the image Bank

The Russian Embassy in Washington is concerned about reports about the mental condition of the convicted in the U.S. of Russian citizen Evgeny Nikulin, the statement of the Embassy.

«We have carefully studied the publications in the media about the Russian citizen Eugene Sochi, which U.S. authorities accused of hacking and whose extradition was sought from the Czech Republic. As we know from the press, even in the two years of detention of Russians in the Prague prison, his defense reported that the FBI suggested Evgeny Nikulin to agree to extradition to the USA and there using the media to discredit the campaign of Donald trump, specifying in the hacking of the servers of the Democratic party. For perjury, he was promised a cessation of criminal prosecution, monetary reward and U.S. citizenship,» had been published in a Facebook comment.

According to diplomats, «then lawyers have emphasized that their client was trying to «psychologically break down, forcing you to make a deal with us intelligence agencies». Thus, in particular, «Nikulin has created an «inappropriately strict» conditions — has limited the walks, were forbidden to call the family».

«Similar methods, we can see that now apply to arrested on trumped-up charges to the student’s Butinai. Alarming media reports about possible problems with the «mental state» Nikulina. In this case, all the blame for the deterioration of his health lies with the American authorities», — said at the Embassy.

Czech police in cooperation with FBI have arrested Nikulin in Prague on 5 October 2016. The Russians accused the American judicial authorities in illegally obtaining access data from LinkedIn and Dropbox servers and Formspring. Nikulin at the end of March was issued by the Czech Republic in the United States. The next hearing in his case will be held on 9 October.

Russian Butino detained in the USA in July, she faces up to 15 years in prison. She is accused of conspiracy to commit an agent of a foreign government without registering with the U.S. Department of justice, as well as directly in the work of a foreign agent. Butina told the court about his innocence. The lawyer of Russians said that she wasn’t doing anything illegal, and her connections in the United States are fully explained by studies at the local University majoring in «international relations».

The investigation of the alleged Russian «intervention» in U.S. elections, as well as alleged links of Donald trump with the Russian Federation that contradict the White house and the Kremlin, is spectaculorum Robert Mueller, and in both houses of Congress.