The source explained how «Union» was a hole

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Internal Commission of Rocket and space Corporation (RKK) «Energy» are inclined to believe that the hole from the drill in the spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09», which caused an air leak on the International space station (ISS), appeared in the workshop of the General Assembly of the ships in the suburban Queen, and not on Baikonur or in space, told RIA Novosti the three sources in the space industry.

«The Commission continues to investigate the reasons inclined to believe that the hole was made in the living compartment of the Soyuz spacecraft at the stage of manufacture of the spacecraft in the Assembly shop,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the Commission is currently working with a book of observations available for each released an experimental machine-building Plant (part of the RSC «Energia») the ship. The book contains all the observations identified during the production or testing of the spacecraft in the control and the test bench, as well as certified documents for their elimination. «Is sought specific comment into a drilled hole and measures taken to eliminate it,» — said the source.

Another source said that some employees at the company knew about the hole because it was removed is still on the Earth during Assembly. He explained that in the final stages of Assembly, when the ship was in significant measures, the equipment, the hole was sealed with a special glue. Were they work in the comments sheet, the source in this case could not explain.

The impossibility of any drilling of the vehicle at the Baikonur explained to RIA Novosti another source. «This operation is not included in the documentation. On the ground (Baikonur cosmodrome ed.), the ship should arrive in ready and staffed, and there his experience only. If you need this kind of work, it make the appropriate technical solution which agree with the parent firm. Of course, the «piece of paper» collected a bunch of signatures and accumulates no less a bunch of controllers. To assume that someone drilled emergency vehicle at Baikonur is of course possible, but it is difficult to do in reality, as it should do alone, and there is a vehicle unattended is never left,» said the source.

According to him, every time you work around the vehicle at Baikonur is a crowd of experts ensure and supervisors. «Run inside and Turner all go – this can not be in principle» — said the source.

Version of what the hole could be made by astronauts in orbit, and rejected as unlikely all three of the interlocutor of the Agency.

Air leaks on the ISS found in the night of Thursday, August 30. The crew checked all compartments and found, according to the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, «hairline fracture» in the spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09». It was located in the living compartment, not in the descent module, so do not threaten the return of the spacecraft to the Ground.

Subsequently, two source RIA Novosti reported that the reason for the seal failure was a manufacturing defect — drilled on the Earth hole in the inner hull. While earlier it was believed that the crack formed due to the penetration of the micrometeoroid. August 30 in the course of negotiations of crew of the ISS mission control Center, the astronauts reported to the Ground that at the location of the «cracks» that turned out to be traces of the drill, neobichnie discovered traces of glue. The evening of the same day, the Russian cosmonauts closed the hole with a special sealant.

Later Rogozin said that the Commission «Roscosmos» checks the version of deliberate exposure by the drill on the hull of a ship «Soyuz», which was discovered an air leak in the production or in space.

The source explained how «Union» was a hole© Infographicsrussia me astronauts?