The sources explained that the holes in the «Union»

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The Board of RSC Energia believes that the hole from the drill in the «Union MS-09», which caused the air leak on the ISS, appeared in the workshop of the General Assembly of the ships in the Queen. This was told RIA Novosti the three sources in the space industry.

According to one of them, the internal Commission examines the book with comments, which is available for each released vehicle. It has a sheet with all of the violations identified in the course of production or testing, and documents their resolution.

Another interviewee said that some employees at the company knew about the hole because we tried to patch it still on the Ground. He explained that when the ship was in the final stage of Assembly, the hole is filled with a special glue. Were they work in the comments sheet, the source said.

Another source told RIA Novosti, why it would be impossible to drill some hole at Baikonur. According to him, around the vehicle at Baikonur is always a crowd of security professionals and supervisors, so quietly no one could have anything to drill.

Version of what hole could do the astronauts themselves, rejected as unlikely all three of the interlocutor of the Agency.

«The investigation should be open»

Says the scientific Director of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev, the situation with the «Union» does not greatly affect the desire of space tourists and astronauts from other countries fly on Russian ships

«You just need to explain what happened to the marriage. If «Roscosmos» will give an objective information, then this situation will have no effect. And when you give false information, trust is lost, it seems that you have something to hide», — expressed his opinion of Moses.

According to him, the cause of the air leak on the International space station could be a marriage in the manufacture of spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09».

«A competent engineer first looks, where and what problems there are in production, in the manufacture of machinery, and if there is no probability left that it is not a production cause, only then beginning to consider the probability of collision with any and external influences,» explained Moses RIA Novosti.

Now manned flights into space on a regular basis can be done only by Russia and China. USA is developing several manned spacecraft, but test flights will take place only next year.

Thus, to the International space station Russian cosmonauts and astronauts from other countries bring only the Russian Soyuz. Russian ships are also used for flights of space tourists and short-term flights of third country nationals.

The main problem in frames

In turn, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin is difficult to estimate the probability of occurrence of holes in the ship «Union».

According to him, the main problem of the Russian space industry is «motivation and training».

«This is about all levels of production — from workers, to supervisors and management. To solve the personnel problem more difficult and the longest. If the crash missiles are immediately visible, all is clear, what to do, everything to do with accidents of satellites or abnormal situations to the manned vehicles, it is not in sight, their existence is prolonged in time, so the search for those responsible and debriefing take more time,» — said the expert.

Most importantly, he said, «that the investigation was public, that COP was not swept under the carpet».

An air leak on the station

About air leak on ISS was reported in the night of Thursday. The astronauts have checked all compartments and found a hairline fracture in the Russian spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09». She was in the living compartment, not in the descent module. The rift threatened the return of the spacecraft to the Ground.

It was originally thought that the crack appeared when hit by a micrometeor. The Russian cosmonauts closed the hole with a special sealant.According to Rogozin, the Commission «Roscosmos» checks the version of deliberate exposure by the drill on the hull of a ship «the Union», which found the air leak in the production or in space.

In addition, all ships «Soyuz» and «Progress» will check on the marriage after an air leak.

The sources explained that the holes in the «Union»© Infographicsrussia me astronauts?