In Dzerzhinsk, about a thousand people came to the funeral of those killed in the explosion

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovicha fotobanka in the territory of the Plant named after Y. M. Sverdlov. Archival photoIn Dzerzhinsk, about a thousand people came to the funeral of those killed in the explosion© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovana the image Bank

The funeral of the three employees of the plant Sverdlov was held on Thursday in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region; to say goodbye to the dead came about a thousand people, reported RIA Novosti employee of the plant who attended the funeral service.

«Buried Denis Andreev, Elena Malkova and Zahara Safronov. Nobody can believe what happened. Everyone who came to the funeral, are depressed, some during the tragedy were on vacation and learned about the incident only a few days,» he said.

She added that after the funeral will be held a memorial meeting which promised to be the Director of the plant Vadim Rybin, absent at the funeral. He wanted to address a speech to the audience.

On the territory of the plant named after Y. M. Sverdlov in the Nizhny Novgorod region on the morning of 31 August, an explosion occurred in the building recycling min. In the accident killed three workers, two workers considered missing. Their remains were discovered under the rubble of a burnt down shop late in the evening on Sunday. For identification of the bodies assigned to a genetic examination. Six people were injured, four of them hospitalized.

A criminal case under article «Violation of safety rules on explosive objects, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons.»

Earlier it was reported that all costs of organizing the burial, the company has undertaken.