In the suburbs more than two thousand doctors receive a «Governor’s fee»

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in fotomasterskie. Archival photoIn the suburbs more than two thousand doctors receive a «Governor’s fee»© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

Suburban doctors get a bonus up to 32 thousand rubles a month.

The Governor’s surcharge of up to 32 thousand rubles will receive each month suburban physicians. This was reported by the TV channel «360» with reference to first Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Olga Zubrilova.
The fee for physicians in primary care was introduced from April 2018. This local therapists and pediatrists, doctors of General practice. To obtain such allowances, the person must meet some criteria.

«The physician should work not more than 1.25 bets and in just one area, which is attached 1700 adults and, in the case of pediatricians, 800 children. You also need to comply with the key performance indicators, in particular, 100% examination, have a low mortality area, the absence of substantiated complaints and other», — said the Minister of health of the region Dmitry Markov.

He said that the increase has increased the earnings of physicians and attracts new professionals in medical institutions of area.

Also in the suburbs works sub-program «Social mortgage», which provides housing, medical, and Federal program «Zemsky doctor», attracting professionals to a career outside of the city.