Kalinin: people approaching retirement age should be beneficial to employers

© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembinski runs training courses in computer literacy. Archival photoKalinin: people approaching retirement age should be beneficial to employers© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo

The decline in contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation from 22 to 10% for employees approaching retirement age can be an effective incentive for employers to retain them jobs. This was stated by President of the Russian public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship «OPORA Russia» Alexander Kalinin, commenting on the outcome of a workshop dedicated to discussing and formulating suggestions about changes in pension legislation.

«It is this measure now applies to high salaries, so we believe that it can be applied in respect of employees who left before retirement to five years. It would be more profitable for employers than finding a younger employee might be more low qualification», — he said.

Another measure of economic incentives for employers, according to Alexander Kalinin, could be an advantage when participating in state and municipal procurement for enterprises which employ a large number of employees approaching retirement age.

«We suggest that the participation in state and municipal procurement such businesses get extra points. Given the volume of procurement, which are implemented by state and non-state companies, it is significant money, which fights for any company small, medium or large business», — said Kalinin and suggested that such a stimulus and on the state of the Corporation.

Also, according to him, entrepreneurs support proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal on the need for employees approaching retirement age two days at a free medical examination with pay.

«We want to pay for two days of medical examination employees, but want this examination was high quality, and guaranteed detection of occupational or other diseases in the initial stages,» — said Alexander Kalinin.

Speaking of professional training of employees approaching retirement age, Kalinin noted that the business should actively participate in accreditation, the selection and development of such programmes.

«Employers understand what profession they want, especially working specialties. Entrepreneurs need to clearly say what they need, in some cases, they are willing to let go of employees for retraining,» — said Kalinin.