Premiere week: «the Great equalizer — 2», «the Story of a destination» and «CIN»

© Provided by LLC «WDSSPR»from the film the Story of a destinationPremiere week: «the Great equalizer — 2», «the Story of a destination» and «CIN»© Provided by LLC «WDSSPR»

The second part of the film «the Great equalizer» with Denzel Washington as the ex-CIA agent Robert McCall, a historical drama Avdotya Smirnova «the Story of a destination» and is a fantastic action game «kin» see the movie-goers this week.

«The great equalizer — 2»

A film by Antoine Fuqua «the Great equalizer — 2» — the story of former CIA agent Robert Machale, who independently administers justice. McCall played twice winner of the award «Oscar» Denzel Washington, who starred in the first sequel.

«I’m always interested to do something new. However, when I started to read the script and found there was something new for yourself – relationship with Susan, the heroine of Melissa Leo, and with this young miles, played by Ashton Sanders. McCall would not let anyone into your life. When he opened the people, nothing good is not given», — quotes words of the actor, the press service of Sony Pictures

If the first part of the film McCall fought with the Russian mafia, this time he will have to face face to face with professional assassins who will stop at nothing to destroy him…

«I think people like to think that a guy like Robert McCall, exists, McCall – a kind of dark angel. We always hope that he will descend from heaven and restore justice. He found the purpose of life in the service of justice. Until that moment, he helped a stranger. When one of the closest McCall is killed, he begins to take revenge for his friend and for himself», — quotes the press service of the Fuqua. Washington the Director works for the fourth time, the actor starred in his first film, as well as in the films «the Magnificent seven» and «Training day».

The film premiered on July 17 in Los Angeles, charges action movie in worldwide box office totaled more than $ 163 million, to the surprise of analysts who predicted cash of approximately $ 20 million.

«The story of purpose»

Premiere of the historical drama Avdotya Smirnova «the Story of a purpose» was held at the festival «Kinotavr-2018», where the film received the «audience award»

The film tells about the events to which the Russian writer count Leo Tolstoy. In an infantry regiment in the Tula region, which is sent to the service inspired by the progressive ideas of the capital’s Lieutenant Gregory bells, is a war crime. The soldier, on whose shoulders lies the fault, threatened with court-martial and execution. Kolokoltsev is turning to Tolstoy, who decides to protect the innocent. The story is based on real events, it was described in the trilogy of Paul Basinski about Tolstoy. Basinsky, co-authored the script together with Parvus and Anna Smirnova.

«I really wanted to make a men’s pattern, I deliberately drove out some things that are more inherent to my gender than the opposite,» — said Smirnov at the premiere of the film at Kinotavr. Earlier the Director shot exclusively of women’s history — «Two days», «Ko-Ko», «Communication». According to Smirnova, the story of Lieutenant Kolokoltseva seemed very modern: «the disparity of the offense and the punishment relevant today theme».

The role of Leo Tolstoy played Yevgeny Kharitonov, the film also starred Alexei Makarov, Alexei Smirnov, Philip Gurevich, Irina Gorbachev, Elizaveta Yankovskaya.

© Provided by LLC «WDSSPR»frame from the film «purpose»Premiere week: «the Great equalizer — 2», «the Story of a destination» and «CIN»© Provided by LLC «WDSSPR»frame from the film «purpose»

In the scenario of the film «kin» was based on the short film Jonathan and Josh Baykerov «the guy with the bag». 14-year-old African American Eli (miles Truitt) from Detroit finds a strange metal object which turns out to be an alien weapon. Hunting him and his brother Jimmy (Jack Raynor) open alien army, security services and gangsters…

«We can say that the audience is waiting for lunch for the price of one meals. The film is crime and suspense, family drama, and the fantastic visual effects of a large – scale project with the feeling of intimacy of independent cinema. I think all of the above combined makes the film «kin» truly unique», — quotes the words of Josh Baker, the press service of the company «Central partnership».

According to Jonathan Baker, «kin» is a film about fulfilling dreams. «Our protagonist finds a subject that is beyond his imagination, his most wildest dreams. But then he must decide how to dispose of the catch. If he can use it, and whether his actions are good or all the same harm,» notes Jonathan.