Swedish politicians are calling to block the «Nord stream — 2»

© Photo : Nord Stream 2 Corp. in TwitterТрубы for the construction of the pipeline Nord stream-2. Archive photoSwedish politicians are calling to block the «Nord stream — 2»© Photo : Nord Stream 2 Corp. Twitter

Most Swedish political parties favor the interlocking construction of Russian gas pipeline «Nord stream — 2», according to Sveriges Radio.

The radio station interviewed the representatives of various political parties: almost all voted to prevent the construction of the pipeline.

«Nord stream — 2″ is a bad offer in terms of energy policy and the environment, and in terms of security policy», — said the representative of the Moderate coalition party the Union of Karin Enstrom.

The MEP from Christian democratic party of Sweden Lars Adaktusson stressed that «Russia does not respect international law», so it is important to find other ways to ensure EU energy without becoming dependent on Russia.

In turn, the Chairman of the green Party in the Council for EU Affairs in the Parliament Jonas Eriksson pointed out that Sweden previously faced difficulties in applying international law against the «Nord stream — 2», therefore the decision of the European Commission about changing the law, which will allow to block the project.

Member of the Council of the European Union and member of the Left party’s Jens Holm stated that Sweden would support this initiative of the European Commission, regardless of the outcome of the vote, which will take place on Sunday.

«If we want to stop the import of natural gas to Europe, we will be able to do it. Need to find a legal space or to publish new laws. Nothing more complicated and not required. The project «Northern stream — 2″ will be blocked», — said the Deputy.

«Part of the «American program»

According to the Professor, petroleum and petrochemical, far Eastern Federal University Alexander Gulkov, Sweden is now a part of the «American program», and Washington is doing everything to prevent the construction of the pipeline.

«The same situation was in the 70-ies, when they built the first pipeline from the USSR to Western Europe,» he told radio Sputnik.

In his opinion, «Nord stream — 2» will be built, because today it determines the business.

«Everyone understands that environmental damage is extremely low, almost none — it invented the problem. The major obstacle here is politics. Perhaps there will be some delay. But I am deeply convinced that the planned timing will not be disrupted,» concluded Gulko.

The installation of the marine

The day before Gazprom began laying the offshore section of the pipeline «Nord stream — 2» in Finland. It is planned that work will go around the clock and seven days a week. All security measures agreed with the transport Agency of Finland and the border guard service and the works are under the control of national authorities.

As stated by the political scientist, member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin, the beginning of work in waters of Finland is a landmark event.

«Finland was from the outset a member of this project and no major objections and problems in connection with her participation in the «Nord stream-2″ did not arise,» he said on radio Sputnik.

According to him, due to severe political struggle that has unfolded around the project, commencement of operations in Finland was proof that the project is alive, and it is implemented.

«Status of project «Nord stream-2″ goes into a state of real. So in this sense, the news is significant and symbolic», — concluded the expert.

«Nord stream — 2»

The project «Northern stream — 2» provides for the construction of two pipelines from the Russian coast to Germany through the Baltic sea. The pipeline will be laid next to the existing «Northern stream». It will pass through the territorial sea or the exclusive economic zone of countries located off the coast of the Baltic sea — Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. All of the above the company 2 the Nord Stream AG, the operator of the «Nord stream — 2», left to obtain a construction permit only from Denmark.

Against the implementation of the «Nord stream — 2» are a number of countries, in particular Ukraine, which fears to lose the income from the transit of Russian gas and the USA with ambitious plans for exports to Europe of its LNG.

Swedish politicians are calling to block the «Nord stream — 2»«Nord stream – 2»