The American delegation landed in the Crimea, the alley of friendship

© Depositphotos / vvvitaКрымский landscape. Archival photoThe American delegation landed in the Crimea, the alley of friendship© Depositphotos / vvvita

The American delegation landed in Simferopol, the alley of friendship of the exotic trees, said one of the organizers of the visit, the honored worker of industry of the Crimea Yuri Pelipenko.

The US delegation consisting of four people located in the Crimea on a three-day official visit. In its structure representatives of the American organization «Center of civil initiatives».

«Today we visited the center of Hope. This is a training centre for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Completed humanitarian action – planted alley of friendship of the exotic Crimean plants Wisteria», — told reporters Pelipenko.

Foreign delegations is not the first time come to the Crimea. So, on August 17 with a visit to the Peninsula was visited by a group of public figures from Norway. A week earlier, arrived in the Crimea the representatives of Japan. The head of the delegation of Mitsuhiro Kimura stated that he intends to convey to the people of their country the truth about the events in the Crimea. The first of August came to the Peninsula group of politicians and businessmen from Slovakia.

At the end of July at the naval parade, which was held on Navy day in Sevastopol Bay, came to the Czech deputies.

In April to participate in the IV international Yalta economic forum on the Peninsula came a major Syrian delegation headed by Minister of economy and foreign trade by Samer al-Khalil.

Before that, in March, in the Crimea there arrived the delegates from Germany. They brought a gift — an old Bible, which was transferred to the ethnographic Museum in Sevastopol. In February, the Peninsula was visited by representatives of the party «Alternative for Germany» of the three regional parliaments of the country — Berlin, Brandenburg and North Rhine — Westphalia. At the end of his visit, the parliamentarians recognized the Russian Crimea.