The mayor of Khabarovsk has told, what will you do after leaving office

© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Recouperate in fotomancer of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov. Archival photoThe mayor of Khabarovsk has told, what will you do after leaving office© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Recouperate the image Bank

Alexander Sokolov, a former mayor of Khabarovsk for 18 years and refused to participate in the new elections on 9 September, after the transfer of cases to the new mayor is considering to engage in social work, business or international activities.

«I’m still not freed from the many serious social stress. I continue to be Vice-President of the all-Russian Congress of municipalities, President of the Association of Siberian and far Eastern cities, a member of the Council on local self-government of all the higher structures of government and more. This is one of the areas that, in General, works with me on the subject. I work with and for suggestions in a serious business issue. For me it is also very attractive,» — said at a press conference falcons.

He noted that he also received offers to participate in international activities. «Sentences a lot. Time to decide I will,» said the mayor.

According to him, the decision not to run for another term, he took carefully.

«The decision was made consciously. At first it was perceived ambiguously, but with the passage of time comes the understanding that I’m doing the right thing… change is Needed, including personnel», — said Sokolov.

Sokolov manages Khabarovsk for 18 years and was elected four times (2000, 2004, 2008 and 2013), and in 2013 — in terms of severe flooding on the Amur river, when we were flooded hundreds of settlements, including the coastal areas of the city.

Currently, the post of the mayor claimed four candidates: Vice-mayor Sergey Kravchuk from the «United Russia», the businessman Maxim Kukushkin from the Communist party, the Deputy of regional Parliament Sergey penniless from the liberal democratic party, Nikita Mikhalev from the party «Fair Russia».