The UOC has accused Patriarch Bartholomew to provoke a new «great schism»

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photobacteria Bartholomew of Constantinople. Archival photoThe UOC has accused Patriarch Bartholomew to provoke a new «great schism»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

The statements of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople threatened a repetition of the «Great schism» of the Christian Church in 1054, and today the effects of a new separation can be even scarier, said in comments on the website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Luke, the results held in Istanbul this week the Synaxis of the Council of bishops of the Church of Constantinople.

«The statement that has been declared by the official Constantinople, not only for the pretentious and absurd in fact, but also lead to the danger of a repetition of the schism of 1054, which in modern conditions may become even worse, because there in the Orthodox East,» — said the Metropolitan of the Bow.

He noted that in recent times you see, «as the Patriarch of Constantinople, by the way, a citizen of the Muslim state and carries out its activities far beyond its borders, trying to become not only the first among equals and head of the whole Orthodox Church, in fact expelling her true head, Christ, and becoming like the Pope».

«It is easy to understand that the attempts of the birth of «Eastern Pope» provoke disorders and disorganization within Orthodoxy, and instead to unite all the local churches under his omophorion, his all Bartholomew not binds, and breaks the robe of Christ», — said the representative of the UOC.

He recalled that the Patriarch of Constantinople has only a so-called «primacy of honor, incurred in connection with giving Constantinople the status of the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the falling away of Rome from the Church Body, and not any privileges or exclusive role like a Ministry of the Roman Pontiff».

«If the Patriarchate of Constantinople to take responsibility before God for the bloodshed in connection with the generated inter-confessional confrontation, and do you see this speech of Patriarch Bartholomew’s ideological justification for the «Bartholomew’s night» in Ukraine?» — with these words, concludes his detailed analysis of theses Patriarch Bartholomew, the Metropolitan of the Bow.