Typhoon «Jebi» driven to the coast of Sakhalin red jellyfish

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Tim Gage / Lion’s Mane cyanea JellyfishВолосистая . Archival photoTyphoon «Jebi» driven to the coast of Sakhalin red jellyfishCC BY-SA 2.0 / Tim Gage / Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Typhoon «Jebi» that raged on the island, drove to the South-West coast of the island a lot of red jellyfish commonly found in the sea of Okhotsk in the spring, told RIA Novosti doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, head of the program of the Sakhalin state University on aquatic bioresources and aquaculture Valery Efanov.

Residents of the port city of Kholmsk on the South of the island after the storm during Typhoon found on the shores of the Tatar Strait more than a dozen unusual red jellyfish. Their pictures were spread on social networks and local media.

«In General, polar lanei are found in the sea of Okhotsk in the spring, when the water is cold. Their occurrence off the West coast of the island in the waters of the Tatar Strait can be explained by the movement of ocean currents. Them jellyfish have gone from the Okhotsk sea through the La Perouse Strait (separating Sakhalin and Japan) to the West coast of the island. Here, under the influence of the clamping force of the Typhoon adventurer came ashore,» explained the arrival of the jellyfish Efanov.

The scientist explained that the touch of the jellyfish is fraught with severe irritation, similar to a burn. And the South of the area of their habitat, the stronger the impact of the so-called stinging cells, which are endowed with practically all the jellyfish.

«The most interesting in these inhabitants of the deep sea lies in the fact that they are in the nature of a dead-end branch of the food chain. They never serve food to representatives of other links in the chain», — summed up the Agency interlocutor.

In the environment of Sakhalin came under the influence of a tropical Typhoon «Gebi», in the area held showers, it was noted hurricane. In the region suspended the movement of passenger trains, disrupted air travel, closed ferry.