Typhoon «Jebi» left in the dark for 17 settlements in Khabarovsk Krai

© Photo : courtesy of MOE MOE Assistrance during rescue and recovery operations in Primorye. September 4, 2018Typhoon «Jebi» left in the dark for 17 settlements in Khabarovsk Krai© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

Seventeen settlements in Khabarovsk Krai remain without electricity in the result of the passage of Typhoon «Gebi», informs the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations.

Earlier it was reported that the Khabarovsk territory is under the power of a Typhoon «Jebi» Tuesday in the region are strong and very heavy rains, noted Gale. In the city of Sovetskaya Gavan in the environment by wind tore part of the roof of the school building. Injured 12-year-old girl, she is hospitalized with a broken leg. In Vaninsky area of wind-blown tree fell on a woman with a child, they were taken to the hospital. The injured woman is in intensive care in serious condition, the child was not injured. On the eve of the Prosecutor’s office reported more than 15 thousand inhabitants Sovgavan and several villages left without electricity.

«As of 07.00 khbr (00.00 GMT) on 6 September, as a result of the passage of the cyclone in the Khabarovsk region without power are 17 settlements in six districts: Soviet-the Havana, Ulchsky, Nanaisky, Nikolaevsk, Solar and Khabarovsk. Emergency crews of power supply networks quickly works on elimination of violations on transmission lines», — stated in the message.

Road and rail links is not broken.

The cyclone moves northwards towards the sea of Okhotsk. During the day rain, sometimes very heavy, the wind increase up to 25-30 m/s.

Typhoon «Jebi» left in the dark for 17 settlements in Khabarovsk Krai© Infographical worst natural disasters of the XXI century