«Went right down to devils» that stopped work on the Kola well

© Photo : Alexander Egertourist Alexander Egortsev and mountains of the Kola Peninsula«Went right down to devils» that stopped work on the Kola well© Photo : Alexander Egortsev

«Zaburilis to devils,» was the people’s verdict one of the most ambitious scientific projects of the Soviet Union, the Kola superdeep borehole. The second decade I bet that stopped the geological survey. There were rumors that in working the audio recordings of the researchers, there were «cries of sinners in hell.» Why in the ruins of the destroyed rig is still not himself, who saw in a dream the devil performing «Hymn of the workers», and where the entrance to Shambhala is in the material RIA Novosti.

«Hear anything?» Explorer freezes for a few seconds, to something listening.

«Should I?» — with feigned indifference throw us. But the chill still ran. To climb at midnight in a long-abandoned people eerie place — not the best idea. For many miles around stone tundra of the Kola Peninsula, the white night and absolute calm.

«You know, it’s like the conquest of space», — Sergey, bypassing the puddle, in which was lying the old plunger, grabs a flashlight sticking out of the water hatch, tightly spun with huge bolts. Only in space humanity has advanced much further than in the depths of the Earth… 12 262 meters is the limit. Deeper Earth people were not allowed.

The Kola superdeep borehole (or SG-3) is located in Murmansk region, near the border with Norway, between the city of Zapolyarny and the Nickel settlement. Listed in the Guinness Book of records. Unlike the rest of the ultradeep wells of the world, pursuing practical tasks — oil and gas extraction, Kola was drilled solely for scientific purposes: to study the lower layers of the earth’s crust and mantle. The project was implemented by a specially crafted expedition of deep drilling. By the way, some generally accepted ideas about the structure of the Earth, this well unexpectedly denied.

The well to hell

About the Kola superdeep I first heard 10-15 years ago from a priest and a former employee of the Leningrad KB. He was familiar with one of the scientists who worked on SG-3. Once he admitted that he kept some notes of the instrument from the well. Is there and sounds the «bottom» is very strange, to put it mildly unpleasant… His version was different from the mass media and the Internet legends of «the groans of the sinners in hell», but was no less gloomy.

Later revelations. It turned out, the horror story about the «hellish» drill launched one of the Finnish Newspapers, in conjunction with the publication for April fool’s Day — April 1. In the Internet you can find memories about how do Soviet scientists, atheists and comedians, came up with the joke about the «sounds from hell». But whatever it was, it is uncontested that at a depth of over ten thousand metres of drilling was regularly faced with difficulties, obstacles and setbacks.

Two hundred twenty Celsius

One of the biggest failures happened in the Kola SG in September 1984. At a depth of 12,066 kilometers of drillstring suddenly stuck. Tried to raise to the surface failed. Added effort, but the column is not moved, and arrow devices suddenly showed a drop weight. Alternately unscrewing each section, started to rise. However, the Bur and a few kilometers of pipes have remained in the womb of the Earth.

At maximum depth the temperature reached 220 degrees. Further, after a series of accidents, break and could not. Drilling ceased in 1992, well preserved. Perhaps forever.

«Were here «sounds of hell»?— says Sergey Nesterenko. — I was left on duty night and day, one when on the rig had no personnel. And before that, worked here, my father — serviced equipment. So, it was not these sounds. If that were the case, we would surely know…»

But in one of the buildings near the stairs leading to the second floor, he stops, freezes, a few seconds to listen to something, and quietly says, «But we will not go there». «Why?» «There as something bad. I will not say exactly what, but I there once it was scary. Try not go there», — vaguely replied our guide.

© Photo : Alexander Egorevskoe remains of buildings of the Kola superdeep borehole«Went right down to devils» that stopped work on the Kola well© Photo : Alexander Egorevskoe remains of buildings of the Kola superdeep borehole

To love as a woman

It was a project of «planetary scale», say local. And now everything is destroyed. And as if in some frenzy. «It affects the energy of destruction. Not just stolen, and it furiously defeated. It is a pity the work of generations of scientists, including my father, pity our deep! Here’s my take and kill, destroy?» — said Sergey.

Look at the ruins, walled up the outlet hole with floating adjacent the plunger come from around the world. In the cases of perfectly preserved premises: only glass re-inserted and communications to restore — and will be a hotel for tourists. And if you confuse the infernal legends and rumors of evil spirits, in the end, you can invite local priests, to consecrate the well and put next to the memorial cross.

«You know, superdeep borehole — she is a woman. It cannot be much alone, she does not forgive», — says Sergey.

© Photo : Alexander Egorevskoe buildings in the Kola borehole«Went right down to devils» that stopped work on the Kola well© Photo : Alexander Egorevskoe buildings on the Kola well

The monk of Shambhala

«Actually, demons are usually floating in the air. The idea that demons live somewhere deep underground, rather pagan — is the Gentiles placed an ad in the womb of the earth. We can’t know where the hell. And in General, our task is not to think about where he is, and to strive to not get there,» says the priest IBAS, instead (Senchukov), doctors of the First Moscow station of emergency aid.

«About the authenticity of accidental contact with the infernal world you can argue long. They say that the entrance to Shambhala (mystical conception of number newindustry currents, a country in Tibet, where they live, «the Lemurians». — Approx. ed.) is in the cave. Theoretically, perhaps, it can be. But the fact that demons appear from caves no one not dare say,» he says.

Grebenshchikov and hell

In the Orthodox tradition, the demons of the place «under the sky», not in vain they are called «the spirits of wickedness in high places». In this regard, father IBAS, instead recalls one of the most popular songs from the repertoire of Boris Grebenshchikov — «City of gold»: «under the blue sky» sounds ugly — not in vain in the original text of Henry volkonskogo was «over the skies of blue».

A Saint once saw in a dream a few «imps». They sat on the tree and sang: «our strength, Our power.» Then these words came in the famous «Hymn of the workers» Nikolai Vilenkin.

© Photo : Alexander Gorzewo the courtyard of the ruins of the station of the Kola superdeep drilling«Went right down to devils» that stopped work on the Kola well© Photo : Alexander Gorzewo the courtyard of the ruins of the station of the Kola superdeep drilling