Actor Panin called the Russians «void of understanding» and vowed to leave the country

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in fotoboeken Alexey Panin. Archival photoActor Panin called the Russians «void of understanding» and vowed to leave the country© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

Russian actor Alexey Panin has called Russians «void of understanding» and announced plans to leave the country. About the artist stated in the comments to the photo in your Instagram.

Social network users have accepted the signature to photos from the farewell ceremony with people’s artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon.

«For me Instagram, unlike you, it’s not the huskies, not a HYIP and not a PR! It’s just displaying my life! Displaying my emotions and feelings at the moment! But I’m afraid that your feeble mind, you do not understand. All the best!» — wrote the actor.

The user komarovaolga9963 in response to the statement of the artist encouraged him to leave Russia.

«Alex, are You saying that people in Russia are mentally limited, and that You will not go to another country? Yes, because You know perfectly well that You get close to life — either in prison or in a psychiatric hospital» — she was indignant.

«I’m leaving soon. In Russia, I’ll come only for the money,» — said Panin.

Alexey Panin, best known for the movie «Zhmurki», famous for his outrageous antics and misbehaviour. A public outcry caused multiple web-hosted videos, including erotic content. The artist repeatedly came to the police, and in March 2018, a court in Moscow has deprived of his driving license for drunk driving, and forbidden to leave the territory of Russia from-for debts for alimony.