ALROSA will help the assay chamber to detect synthetic diamonds in the market

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate in fotoracconti sort of diamonds ALROSA’s. Archival photoALROSA will help the assay chamber to detect synthetic diamonds in the market© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate the image Bank

Russia’s largest diamond producer ALROSA will lease the assay chamber equipment for the authentication of diamonds, the agreement of the parties plans to sign in the framework of the Moscow financial forum, told the Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Moiseev in an interview with RIA Novosti in the framework of this forum.

«As an experiment, assay office will take «ALROSA» to rent a few dozen machines to verify the authenticity of diamonds for inspection», — said Moiseev. Thus the authorities expect to protect the market from «emissions» synthetic diamonds, which according to the legislation of the Russian Federation are not even precious stones. «I am not against synthetics per se, but my position was and remains unchanged: the consumer should know what he buys. It is absolutely unacceptable to sell synthetics under the guise of natural stone,» said Moses.

According to him, the business Association indicate significant abuse in this market are stuffing artificial stones in the party, and jewelers can not do to fight it. Now, however, the assay chamber will be equipped with devices for checking fake and genuine diamonds to provide the opportunity for jewelers to check the stones for authenticity.

«You can hear the mirror view of the American trade Association, which said that consumer quality artificial stone are the same as natural. Often buying products with diamond, the origin of which cannot be determined, it becomes commonplace. If the buyer is not informed about the authenticity of the stone in the store, he probably never will know the truth, if you do not spend serious examination,» — said the Deputy Minister.

According to him, the production of synthetic stones and devices for their recognition is a technology race. «Maybe in a few years technology will evolve so that the probability of identification of today’s synthetics will grow significantly», — he admitted. «But synthetics which will be done in 10 years, identification will be difficult,» added Moses.

«I am confident that in a few years will release a smartphone app through which it will be possible to distinguish cultured stone from natural. Accordingly, the artificial stone that today someone bought under the guise of the natural, decrease. In this regard, the risks for buyers of synthetic saved,» he also warned.

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