Bitcoin price rises after corrective collapse

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Bitcoin (bitcoin) on Friday, increasing in price by 1%, correctives after the collapse on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the auction.

According to the website CoinMarketCap, calculate the average price by more than 20 exchanges, as of 10.19 GMT bitcoin rose in price on 1,36%, to 6.53 thousands of dollars. On largest by volume cryptocurrency exchange Binance bitcoin grew in price on 0,97% — to 6.48 thousands of dollars.

Other cryptocurrencies are also rising on Friday: Ethereum rises in price on 1,04%, to 229,15 dollar, Ripple — by 4.1%, to 0.29 per dollar, Bitcoin Cash — on 3,05%, to 516,83 dollar. According to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization of crypto-currencies, amounts to 207 billion dollars. The share of bitcoin accounts for approximately 54% of the total cryptocurrency market.

On Wednesday, the sources of Business Insider reported that Goldman Sachs continues to see uncertainty in the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. The report also cited the opinion of one of the Bank managers, who said that you need to take many additional steps, «many of which are outside of the office of the Bank», in order to make it possible to run operations with cryptocurrencies. On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency lost about 8% of its value on Thursday continued to fall and dropped to the level of approximately 6.5 thousand dollars to 7.4 thousand on Tuesday.

«The observers and the holders of the cryptocurrency are in a shock after the rapid fall of the market on 5 September. There have been several possible reasons that contributed to this development of price dynamics, including a temporary failure of Golden Sachs from the opening trade of the futures due to uncertain position of cryptocurrencies in the legislative field of the States», — told RIA Novosti news Agency PR-Director of Blockchain Capital Tugush Timothy Fortunatov.

He highlighted a number of other reasons for the decline of the currency value. In his view, the bitcoin exchange rate also weighed the General stagnation of the market and the information on the withdrawal of the money the darknet (deep web) Silk Road, which was received last weekend.

Bitcoin price rises after corrective collapse© Integratiebeleid and bitcoin