Cockroaches and the Americans threaten our health

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The cockroaches still live in many houses and apartments, carrying pathogenic organisms that can cause dysentery, Staphylococcus, asthma. These insects are active year round, moving quickly, and overcome any obstacles. What attracts them and how to get rid of them — in the material RIA Novosti.

«Red-haired and mustachioed»

Cockroaches live on Land more than two hundred million years. Of more than four thousand species, about fifty are found in human dwellings. These are called synanthropic cockroaches.

In Russia usual seven commensal species. Most red (cockroaches), black and American cockroaches. Recently the European part of the country meet the furniture and Australian species, and on the southern and Eastern boundaries of good root and Japanese Turkestan cockroaches. More exotic specimens and forest, Cuban, tropical, — as a rule, die in our climate, unless they are not specifically cultivated.

Cockroaches are active all year round, can travel together with people across countries and continents, to navigate quickly inside the building. If they’ve got someone in the apartment, it soon spread all over the porch. Insects get into apartments through holes in walls, baseboards, wiring, risers, ventilation systems.

By day they hide in cracks, crevices, kitchen cabinets, appliances, under refrigerators. In search of food come out when it’s dark. They like moisture, dirt, storage space and cooking, toilets, bathrooms. Cockroaches can bring in cardboard boxes from the store and warehouse, with things from second-hand.

Stool mustachioed insect contain a special chemical compound that is used in nature as a signal (pheromone). While eating individual leaves feces, attracting to the place of supply of other relatives.

Due to the high mobility of hazardous cockroaches as carriers of bacteria, unicellular protozoa, and viruses. The appearance of cockroach — a sign of poor sanitation condition.

«Cockroaches in public places, canteens, restaurants, cafes shouldn’t be. The owners of a public catering are obliged to watch it,» — emphasizes the entomologist Lyudmila Gannushkina of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov.

For breeding cockroaches choose a dry, dark place.»They form the walls with a large number of larvae of the first age, resembling the adult, only smaller, without wings, with undeveloped reproductive system. Most importantly — they behave like regular cockroaches, and dangerous. The destruction of the females that managed to lay larvae, not solve the problem. After some time there will be a small tarakanchiki, will begin to develop housing and to grow rapidly in the warmth,» says the researcher.

Many of the microbes lives in the gut of cockroach. Among them for human risk presented by andalibi, the protests, the tubercle Bacillus. They do not break down in the body of insects and faeces fall into food and water. However, precise data about what cockroaches infect man with these germs, no.

Mouthparts of the cockroach are complicated: chitinous upper and lower mandibles, teeth, spikes. Not surprisingly, the insect able to bite into food, biting people and animals. The cockroach chews through the skin and secretes saliva, which causes inflammation. On the site of the bite and formed a crust.

Experts are concerned that cockroaches source allergens. Particularly sensitive people, the children respond to the remnants of the chitinous exoskeleton and insect feces.

Earlier allergic to cockroaches was associated exclusively with poverty, but in recent decades, researchers have noted the infestation of cockroaches hospitals, public and residential premises throughout the world. I assume that this is directly related to the surge in development of asthma.

However, you can make the room unattractive to them. For this we need to clean out cabinets, drawers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, wash dishes immediately after eating, to wipe the moisture from the sink and tables, the products stored in impermeable containers, regularly vacuuming the home, to carry and to wash the bin.

There is a perception that chemicals are cockroaches harmful to humans. The different «fog» settle for almost a month. In addition, they only drive the insects deeper into the cracks, where they are selected a few weeks later.

«If you don’t like chemistry, you need to find other methods and clean room. There are traps, different types of glue. In the end, you can call specialists in sanitation and to leave home for some time,» insists Lyudmila Gannushkina.