«I’m delighted with Moscow.» The grandson of Hemingway will present in Russia a book about his grandfather

© RIA Novotallinsky writer Ernest Hemingway. Archival photo«I’m delighted with Moscow.» The grandson of Hemingway will present in Russia a book about his grandfather© RIA Novosti

The grandson of a famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, the writer, John Patrick Hemingway told reporters about how he worked on a biography of his father Gregory, and what prompted him to undertake the writing of this book, and that he admires Moscow and vigor of the city.

John Patrick Hemingway will present Russian public his book, Strange Tribe on the difficult relations of his father Gregory with the famous grandfather, at the Moscow international book fair on 7 September.

«I first came to Moscow. It is a wonderful city. I’ve traveled around the world, but as soon as I arrived here, already on the way from the airport, I felt the breath of the big city. It is similar in this sense in new York, the air humming with energy, people around doing something. I was very lucky with the weather, I managed to see the city,» Hemingway shared with reporters.

He said that he already visited the Kremlin and its surroundings, visited the Park «Zaryadye» and ENEA, and admitted that the city exceeded his expectations. Especially the writer was surprised by the sculptural composition «worker and kolkhoz woman» and the fountain «Friendship of peoples» — Hemingway noted the seriousness and monumentality of these cultural monuments.

Not so different among themselves

Ernest Hemingway, Nobel prize winner for literature, is widely known due to the short prose. His authorship belong to the story «the old Man and the sea», the story «the snows of Kilimanjaro», the novels «For whom the bell tolls» and «farewell, the weapon!». He traveled extensively and participated in the hostilities, which left an imprint on his work. Hemingway was married four times, son of Gregory, referred to in the book, Strange Tribe, was born in the second marriage.

The memoir came out in America a few years ago and made a splash. Translated to Chinese, Spanish, Czech, Bulgarian and Italian. In 2019 can reach the Russian edition. John Patrick Hemingway says he was trying to find something in common between his father and grandfather.

«My father was a doctor. He had some peculiarities since the age of 12 he was changing into a girl, and 60 underwent a sex-change operation. And all who heard my story and said, «come on, John, we know you love your father, but Ernest Hemingway is something else, a cult figure.» For many years I was sure that my father is special, but Ernest Hemingway — unreachable», — said the author of the book.

He says starting this family research it prompted the words of one reporter said after his father’s death in 2001. Gregory Hemingway died in a women’s prison, and the author of the article, so hit Junior Hemingway, called the late disgrace of the family, which has little in common had with the great writer.

«I knew they weren’t so different. In the end, I am the son and grandson of Hemingway Hemingway. I felt that between them had a lot in common, but you couldn’t prove it,» shared the author of the memoirs.

John Patrick Hemingway began to closely examine the work of his grandfather, his correspondence, documents of his father. He realized that these two people think alike, and trying to find answers to the same questions. A real breakthrough in his research was the correspondence of Ernest and Gregory Hemingways.

«The only part that belonged to Ernest Hemingway, was published, so nobody knew about the conversation that they had. They desperately needed each other, but faced misunderstanding. I saw my grandfather as no one has ever seen before. I saw a man who was very worried about the fate of their sons, a man who suffered from severe depression, he knew that his son was born that way, because he probably gave him such genes. He knew that nothing to do with it — just to support their kids,» explains Hemingway.

© Photo : public domainАмериканский writer Ernest Hemingway in uniform in 1918«I’m delighted with Moscow.» The grandson of Hemingway will present in Russia a book about his grandfather© Photo : public domainАмериканский writer Ernest Hemingway in uniform in 1918
Life with the guilt

The fate of Ernest Hemingway was not easy. His second wife passed away quite early in a tragic accident. That afternoon Gregory was first arrested for violation of public order, which caused the rage of the father. He kept his emotions when dealing with his wife: stress, which suffered the woman, provoked its demise. For many years Gregory was sure that he was guilty in the death of his mother, and never saw his father.

«She suffered from a rare form of cancer… My dad found out about it many years later: while studying in medical school, he requested a report on her death and realized that, in fact, intemperance, Ernest has led to a lethal outcome», — said the grandson of the author.

Gregory Hemingway had written his father an accusatory letter. «He was furious, and after fell into a depression that led to suicide. It so happened that the father began to blame himself for the death of his father, too,» explained John Patrick Hemingway.

According to him, the father all his life tried to avoid this painful topic, but «carrying that injury in itself.» Gregory Hemingway was trying to do everything that his children do not suffer from guilt, with which he had to exist, and is very concerned about their mental comfort.

The author noted that he had read all the works of the eminent grandfather, «a brilliant stylist and a writer», but values most his short fiction, and admitted that the attainment of family histories had convinced him that Gregory, and Ernest Hemingways were very similar people.