In the Moscow city Duma saw no violations in the activities of Babkina

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria of the Moscow city Duma on Strastnoy Boulevard in Moscow. Archival photoIn the Moscow city Duma saw no violations in the activities of Babkina© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The head of the Commission for culture and mass communications, Moscow Evgeny Gerasimov, commenting on the report of the Russian branch of Transparency International, said that he sees no conflict of interest the Deputy of the Parliament of the singer Hope Babkin, which gets «good enough fees» and does not violate the law.

Earlier, Transparency International published a report that explores possible conflicts of interest. Transparency International calls the suburban several deputies, including Alexander passenger cars, Vladimir Holbert, Oleg Grigoriev, Dmitry, denisco. In addition to the report mentioned Moscow city Duma deputies Nadezhda Babkina and Oleh Forty. The report States that as a Deputy Babkina supervises the activities of the Department of culture of Moscow, who is also the founder of «Russian song». The press attache of Babkina and theatre «Russian song» Konstantin Filippov did not comment on the report of the organization.

«As far as I know, it is a Declaration constantly losing, it is no coincidence, perhaps, some resent it, but she’s quite a good fee. She is honest, and I have no doubt, clearly declares. She is the favourite, much favoured, a real Plowman. As far as I know, in the district of it as a Deputy of its voters are respectful,» said Gerasimov, RIA Novosti.

He noted that finds no violations by Babkina, because before becoming a Deputy, she was the Director of the theater and came to the state Duma as «liberated MP» (that is, staying on the main job).

Gerasimov also said that «from the point of view of relations of Moscow Duma Commission for culture and the Executive session of the Duma has no influence on the allocation of funds».

He recalled that a few years ago, there was a testing system of funding for all theatres in Moscow Department of culture with the involvement of the theatre community, which confirmed the correctness and validity of the experiment.

«We have introduced a system that not working on personal desire and attitude to one or another theater, displayed a very clear, mathematical scheme, it depends on the number of places from the repertoire. That is, the allocation today Finance Department is very clear on the diagram, there is no possibility somehow to encourage one or the other or the third. There are no benefits in this situation», — said the Deputy.

«So, will she (Babkina) in the Duma, it will not be in the Duma, there’s no way to influence what a private financial relationship in the form,» he added.

Speaking of MP Jay, Gerasimov recalled that he was always an entrepreneur and in the Duma is also released by the Deputy.

«His planning Commission and land use similarly, has no influence on the Executive power, to competitions, which take place in the allocation of a particular land plot, taking part in exactly the same way as other construction companies,» — said Gerasimov.