Indian festival «Druzhba-Dosti» was opened in Moscow

© Photo courtesy of the Embassy Indiandesi festival Druzhba-DostiIndian festival «Druzhba-Dosti» was opened in Moscow© photo courtesy of the Embassy of India

In the State Kremlin Palace gala concert kicked off the «Festival of India in Russia «Druzhba-Dosti»- 2018.

As said at the opening ceremony chargé d’affaires of India in Russia Balasubramanian Gangadharan, in the framework of the festival, which runs until March 31 next year, will be 34 events in 22 cities of Russia. In various cultural events of the festival will be attended by 58 Indian artists, singers, dancers, artists, musicians and representatives of other creative professions.

The Russians, who will attend the event «Friendship-Dosti (dosti» in Hindi means «friendship), will be able to see performances of the best dance bands in the style of classic national dances. They will show the Northern and southern styles of dance, in particular, «Kathak» and «Bharatanatyam» for each of them — a special school, the traditions of the region and rich history.

Fans of instrumental music will hear and see unique performances in a variety of styles: for example, in some regions of Russia, where a large number of Muslims (particularly in Chechnya, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan) concerts of Sufi music. In some large cities of Central Russia will be the teams modern Indian music, so well known to the masses for bollywood films, which are unthinkable without a large number of songs and dances. In Siberia and the far East will be concerts of Sunturist (masters of the game at the national string instruments). And in Elista and Ulan-Ude residents can visit a photo exhibition on Buddhism, its history, major temples, landmarks and preachers. In Moscow and St. Petersburg will be an exhibition of unique historical photographs devoted to the life and activities of Mahatma Gandhi, whom India considered the «father of the nation».

The Indian culture festival of this scale was carried out only once. This was back in 1987 when he was still the Soviet Union, the opening ceremony then took place in the Kremlin Palace of congresses. And it took place at the highest level, with the participation of President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. This time it was more modest, but no less festive and solemn. All of the Russian-Indian events of friendship is distinguished by a special atmosphere of kindness: hundreds of smiling people, brightly dressed. By the way, many came with children.

According to Balasubramanian Gangadharan, the idea to hold the 2018 large-scale festival of culture in Russia came to the Indian Embassy after last year successfully held the cultural festival «Namaste!», aroused great interest among the Russians. The word «Namaste» is a greeting, meaning (literally): «the divine in me welcomes the divine in you.» When people in India say «Namaste» they fold their hands and slightly bow to each other, as bowing to the icons, thereby recognizing that the divine is present in each of the men.

Modest, Jayalakshmi ishwar, apparently, does not like to call himself a leader. Although it is really running and is the choreographer of the ensemble South Indian dance «Abhinaya» (in the group of 10 dancers). Jayalakshmi, prefers to call himself «teacher».

«In our city almost all of them try to send their children to school, where they teach music and dancing,» says Ms. ishbal. «All parents we believe that a child should learn music and dancing, like any other mandatory subject in school, so kids are raising their kids the love of music. Dance and music for a long time and forever become a part of our life,» said ishwar.

Joins the conversation with her colleague Maulik Shah, choreographer and Director of the dance group «Anart» of North Gujarat. It opens the secret of success of bollywood films, is imbued with music. «This secret is very simple, he said. — We literally all love music and love to dance, dance everywhere and get pleasure from this process.» Style «Kathak» which runs his team, is perhaps one of the most difficult dances ever invented by mankind. However, he is handsome and slender. Thousands of years ago with the help of Kathak priests tried to tell the gesture all that was written in the Holy books. Interestingly, with the spread of Islam in the Northern provinces of India, Kathak was also adopted as the tool of paraphrase of the Scriptures with Muslims, enriched, thus, the traditions of the two religions.

Was opening and touching, nostalgic part: the Indian Embassy decided to celebrate with a memorable gift of the Soviet and Russian ballet dancer Ksenia Ryabinkina. Played a major role in the famous romance Raj Kapoor «My name is Clown» (1970). The Embassy also somnolescence actor Gennady Pechnikov, who gained fame in India thanks to her role in the movie-the play «Ramayana» (1976), which was staged based on the Indian epic. Valuable gift received actor’s daughter.

© Photo courtesy of the Embassy Indiandesi festival «Druzhba-Dosti»Indian festival «Druzhba-Dosti» was opened in Moscow© photo courtesy of the Embassy Indiandesi festival «Druzhba-Dosti»

And when the scene came a collective «Abhinaya» who performed the «dance Opera» «Chandala» («Invictus rhythm»), the room literally froze, seeing a magical, fascinating action. «Ethereal» combination of exotic for the Russians the sound of the national drum, tabla, strings, satara and Sarangi. It really is «Invictus rhythm», in which incredible pirouettes of the dancers, their every complex movement perfected to the last detail. The music and the dance together make a lasting impression.

Indian festival «Druzhba-Dosti» was opened in Moscow© Photo from the personal archive of Igor Odinokogo to go for happiness: get rid of karmic sins, and to update isnine less impressive and masterly was and Kathak in a performance of «Anartha». The feelings that it engenders, is quite hard to describe rational terms. «Kathak with its captivating nuances and elements flowing like a river, creating a «urja» — different forms of energy», — was stated in the libretto, prudently handed out before the dance. «Different forms of energy» — perhaps shorter and emce not say, and let everyone understands and sees something different. However, do not put more art?

And the concert ended with a gift of Russian Indian friends: as always brilliant performance of the dance ensemble «birch», which showed the guests the beauty and harmony of the Russian maiden round dance, square dance and other folk dances.