Russia suspended creating a private platform for satellites

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Creating a private platform «Atom» for space vehicles of various assignments stopped due to tensions between the state Corporation «Rosatom» and the company «Dauria aerospace» failed last year to launch the first satellites, built by a private company by order of the Corporation.

In an interview with RIA Novosti said the leader of the working group «AERONET», test cosmonaut Sergei Zhukov.

«The interdepartmental working group of the National technology initiative (which includes the working group «AERONET») today approved only one space project — creating a service platform multi-purpose space vehicle «Atom». It is about creating a platform on which you can hang equipment to solve different tasks — from communications and remote sensing to work on the asteroids. It was assumed that the manufacturer of such devices will be JSC «Gazprom space systems». The project developed by the company «Dauriya», but while its development was suspended due to the tensions that have arisen between them and «Roscosmos» on the previous launch,» — said Zhukov.

He recalled that the project was approved for implementation without the allocation of funds from the National technology initiative, because funding would be from the EBV.

A cooperation agreement on the creation of a geostationary platform between the «Dauria» and Vnesheconombank was signed in 2017 at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

Record launch of 73 satellites in the launch vehicle «Soyuz-2.1 a» was held on July 14, 2017 from Baikonur. The main burden of the rocket was a satellite «kanopus-V-IK». Among the secondary payloads — 72 small spacecraft of Russian and foreign manufacturers. After running a few machines not included. Among the «silent» satellites were satellites, MKA-N, made by «Dauria aerospace» at the order of Roscosmos.

The specialists of «Dauria aerospace» claim that the probable cause of the satellites fail was an external influence, perhaps from the upper stage «Fregat». «Roscosmos» requires the company to return to pre-trial order, all of 274 million rubles payable to it under the contract for the manufacture of satellites. Currently, many experts Dauria went to other companies.

«I am sincerely sorry that the company «Dauriya» faded, maybe even a few unreasonably fast. I believe that their place can compete for the continuation of his cosmic destiny», — commented the bugs.

«Dauria aerospace», was established in 2009, became the first Russian company which managed to obtain an order for the production of spacecraft from the state. In 2014, the company launched two satellites, created by the American division and one of the Russian production. Domestic DX-1 was the second unit of the Russian privateers in space for a few minutes before on the same rocket «Dnepr», and the «Dauria», in space, was launched the satellite to another Russian company Sputnix.

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