«Saratov airlines» gave the passenger two-thirds of the debt for the tickets

© RIA Novosti / Marina to Listenability in fotosensibile Saratov airlines. Archival photo«Saratov airlines» gave the passenger two-thirds of the debt for the tickets© RIA Novosti / Marina to Listenability the image Bank

Passengers stop flights of airline «Saratov airlines» has returned a value of almost 44 thousand tickets for a total of 307,81 million rubles, which amounted to about two-thirds of the repayable amount, said Friday the carrier.

«Saratov airlines» since may 31, stopped flights in connection with cancellation of the air operator certificate. According to the company on August 31, the carrier returned to its customers 283,85 million rubles for 38,315 thousand tickets. All in all, the total debt of the company to passengers on 31 may amounted to 451 million rubles.

«On September 6, JSC «Saratov airlines» returned 307,81 million rubles for 43,791 thousands of tickets for passengers who purchased tickets for the summer of 2018. Per week (total) amount of payments increased by 24 million rubles», — stated in the message.

Previously, the airline assured that it performs all obligations of refund for the tickets. But the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor reported that it had helped customers to be more than 1.2 thousands of claims and has prepared 16 claims the protection of the violated rights of certain consumers. According to the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service, police officers recovered about 160 thousand rubles from the airline in favor of clients, winning trials, and in the consideration of 13 claims to the carrier by the courts seized a total amount of 724 thousand rubles as a security measure.