Simferopol authorities explained the reason for the appearance of foam in the river Salgir

© RIA Novosti / Taras to Litvinenkova in fotobounce on the building of the state Council of Crimea in Simferopol. Archival photoSimferopol authorities explained the reason for the appearance of foam in the river Salgir© RIA Novosti / Taras to Litvinenkova the image Bank

The appearance of white foam in the river Salgir, passing through the capital of Crimea, is not associated with the chemical emissions in the North of the Peninsula, told RIA Novosti head of Department of municipal economy of administration of Simferopol Vyacheslav Golub.

The foam could be observed in places in the river after the rain, which was held in Simferopol on Thursday.

«This is due to the fact that the streets washed away the clay loam (soil containing clay and sand – ed.) and in connection with a large flow of water it begins to foam. This phenomenon does not involve any emissions or chemistry, or loss of any specific precipitation in Simferopol,» — said Golub.

In turn, the head of the hydrochemical laboratory of the Crimean hydrometeorological center Tatyana Pilipenko told RIA Novosti that the samples did not reveal any abnormalities.

«We did the pH (acidity value) precipitation according to our weather station in Simferopol. Any deviation in the direction of acidity or alkaline rains there,» said Pilipenko.

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