The Mariinsky theatre will be shown at WEF a new version of «the Tsar’s bride»

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The audience of the Opera «the Tsar’s bride» which will show within the framework of the cultural program of the WEF on the Seaside stage of the Mariinsky theatre, will see the classic Russian Opera, but with powerful visual effects and costumes in social networks compared to the outfits from the TV series «Game of thrones», said the creators of the show.

«The Tsar’s bride» by composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov will present in Vladivostok, 11, 14 and 15 September. The play created by the drama by Lev Mey, which was based on a historical episode of the third marriage of Tsar Ivan the terrible. The world premiere of this Opera took place on 22 October 1899 in the Russian private Opera in Moscow.

A return to the pace Rimsky-Korsakov

«After the break the Prime Minister any statement will be crucial. Especially of classic Russian Opera, which is ideal for our company and very good in any case… In this Opera we do without guest soloists from the Mariinsky theatre, everything happens on its own, and allows the singers to show our best side,» — said at a press conference the performance’s musical Director Pavel Smelkov.

According to musical staging consultant, a leading concertmaster of the Opera of the Mariinsky theatre, honoured artist of Russia Irina Soboleva, over the last 60 performances of this Opera, which was a resounding popularity in Russia and the Soviet Union, the music changed for the worse.

«The singers began to bend it for yourself, conductors went for the singers, the Directors went for conductors… And the idea of Rimsky-Korsakov drowned. I think our priority has been — and we realized – we’re back to all pace Rimsky-Korsakov. Speed, rapidity of development… I Think that with this task we did,» said Sobolev.

«The Tsar’s bride» is not merchandise, which now we can see. It was important for me to create images that would fit to any era,» said stage Director Viacheslav Starodubtsev.

Minimalism and visual sophistication

The author of scenography and costumes Peter Okunev said that he wanted to leave the main costumes that give the «flavor of an era», but he tried to get rid of unnecessary things, and the result was «a little minimalism». Okunev also noted that he is pleased with the comparison of costumes costumes from the TV series «Game of thrones», which is discussed in social networks.

«I do, of course, pleases, because it will attract young people to the show. There is a caveat – we have not quite historically accurate performance, costumes, we have a pastiche, and I think it’s a good Association,» said okunieff.

Starodubtsev said that in the Opera the atmosphere of costume, light, color, and in the formulation of the present video projection.

«It is a powerful visual effect, which also plays into the atmosphere of the Opera. And visual sophistication reveal the inner drama of Rimsky–Korsakov, which is embedded in the product… I think that «Game of thrones» is similar to «the Tsar’s bride». So it’s not a bad Association… it is important For us to immerse the viewer in the Opera genre, but so that he fell, and not fell asleep and ran off,» said the Director.

At the press-conference participants noted that the stage opening night will be young artists who have ambitions and aspirations. This is the first premiere of this Opera, so all involved have already made history, and they all understand this, so work with great passion.

«It will be very interesting not only to listen, it will be interesting to watch,» said Sobolev.

«The Tsar’s bride» will be the third Opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov repertoire Seaside scenes of the Mariinsky theatre. Earlier there was «the Tale of Tsar Saltan» and «the Night before Christmas».

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