The Ministry of natural resources spoke about climatic threats to Russia

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The Ministry of natural resources and environment in the draft annual report «On environmental protection» talked about climate threats that may face Russia, reports «Kommersant».

The authors noted that the rate of global warming in Russia is higher than the average for the planet. Thus, over the period from 1976 to 2017 the increase in annual mean temperature per decade was 0.45 degrees Celsius. The world average, this figure is considerably lower at 0.18 degrees Celsius. The Agency reported a significant growth of greenhouse gas emissions. However, the report indicated that the cause of warming with a probability of 95% is anthropogenic influence.

In addition, the draft report States that in 2017 Russia was 907 natural hazards, 378 of them have caused serious damage to the economy and livelihoods of Russians.

The paper also presents a forecast of «possible observed or expected harm» from climate change in the country. In the South of Russia and in southern Siberia is expected to reduce the volumes of water in lowland rivers, which will lead to «reduction of water supply for the population and objects of economy.» This also affected agriculture: in many regions is threatened by the increasing number and magnitude of droughts, which sometimes would lead to «partial (sometimes almost complete) destruction of the crop,» States the document. The projected rise of the water level in the Caspian sea will lead to the flooding of several coastal settlements. Melting permafrost threatens «the destruction of places of burial of hazardous chemicals, biological and radioactive substances».

Among the possible consequences for the technical systems in the Ministry said the accelerated aging buildings, roads and Railways, which will be caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

Also among the possible consequences of climate change mentions increased mortality and morbidity, the expansion of the habitats of pests and the depletion of forest resources.The Ministry of natural resources spoke about climatic threats to Russia© Infografiken worst natural disasters of the XXI century