The Moscow city court reduced a two-year sentence the former head of Rosgranitsa

© RIA Novostiukraine meeting. Archival photoThe Moscow city court reduced a two-year sentence the former head of Rosgranitsa© RIA Novosti

The Moscow city court reduced the sentence to the former Director of Rosgranitsa Dmitry Bezdelov, sentenced to nine years for stealing almost 500 million rubles, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Boris Kozhemyakin.

The decision of the appellate court took, counting the time spent by him in custody during investigation and trial, based the day in jail for one and a half in prison.

«My client was detained for four years in connection with the conversion, they are considered as six years,» the lawyer explained. Thus, Bezdelov left to serve another three years.

«He already has the right to ask for parole, but that it needs to send to the colony, it is necessary to wait for the characteristics, and so forth,» — said Kozhemyakin.

At the end of December 2017, the Meshchansky court of Moscow found Bezdelov guilty and has appointed to it punishment in the form of nine years of General regime colony. Other defendants in the case received sentences ranging from 2.5 to eight years — due to the fact that the court dismissed the charges of organizing a criminal community and participation in it. All the defendants deny their guilt, except one, who admitted her part. Protection Bezdelov was made the excuse.

The rest of the accused, the court also recounted the punishment of two accused, Yevgeny Seagull, Surabi Katamadze — the court freed as the sentence they have expired. «In the meeting, they participated by video link from prison, now the court will send the papers and they will be released,» — said the lawyer.

According to investigators, Bezdelov in 2009, together with the head of the state Directorate for the construction and operation of facilities Rosgranitsa Oleg Senkevich and head of Department of arrangement of objects of the state border and the administrative border crossing points of the Russian border Danila Vavilov created a criminal community.