Tombstone, pins, barbed wire and other «surprises» on the playgrounds

© Photo : online edition «» / Anna Naturavila stove, the murder of criminal authority nicknamed the Golden eagle, installed on the Playground in SamaraTombstone, pins, barbed wire and other «surprises» on the playgrounds© Photo : online edition «» / Anna Nazarova

Glands protruding, sharp pieces of old paint, fixing broken swings found in playgrounds activists during raids across the country. Sometimes it comes and even to the point of absurdity: the gravestone on the territory of the gaming zone or a fence with barbed wire around the perimeter «to protect against vandals».

The monument to the bandit

On the Playground in Samara found, to put it mildly, a strange object. In the group in «Vkontakte» «Overheard Samara» on the evening of 23 August, there were photos of recreational area for children with a monument that resembles a tombstone. The author of the post Valeriya Sheveleva asked the subscribers of the group who built the «art object».

The answer was not long in coming: in the comments here explained that it is a monument to the leader local OPG Vladimir — in April 1994 he was killed in a shootout in the same yard. «There was another gazebo, but the youth of her dirtied. Then the Playground was built here, and not Vice versa. I know on the way to school every day it took place,» wrote Eugene Khonina.

Other readers, without going into historical details, had a good laugh over the strange «attraction». «And the boys still coming?» — asked one. «There are buried hopes in your area» — quipped the other.

There were also the defenders of the monument. «I wonder if this was the memorable place of the death of your kin, a loved one or just a respected person, what would you say? I would like you to carry? Probably would be asking other questions. For example: what idiot came up with the idea that this place needs to play kids?» — commented podistica public.

However, other citizens began to doubt that the swing someone uses. «Every day I walk past this house. Never saw the children there, no one was swaying. All the walking on a new site. Why grumble?» — expressed the Belief Dyakov.

By the evening of the next day after the incident, the administration of Krasnoobsk on the website explained that previously, the Commission from representatives of administration, deputies and other competent persons recognized the equipment at the sites unusable. The review was accompanied by certificates of inspection from August 15: «it Is in poor condition. The seats are broken, the chain mounts almost frayed».

However, Drjahlov own version. «Documents made retroactively. Shortly before this, in the same courtyard came the workers with the equipment — also at the behest Lysikova. Was going to roll the lawn next to the Playground asphalt for Parking. Residents reacted quickly: has collected more than 500 signatures, came to the administration and defended green zone. Now he is trying to achieve: to remove the play area to make it easier to obtain permits for the construction of the Park or the store,» explains a local resident.

The «schools» identified in Voronezh. «I tripped on a tree stump on one of the sites. Somewhere was open transformer box, somewhere out of the fence protruded iron rods, lay the cobblestones. On schoolyards, the situation is better — there for objects watch,» — the report Svetlana Mishanova of «Youth front».

The participants from Mordovia, on the contrary, praised the condition of sites in the region. «It is particularly pleasing to Saransk: lots of fresh playgrounds, soft cover, all as it should be. Violations, of course, was also — they wrote to the administration, promised to fix before 1 September,» — said the activist Anastasia chichkanova.

«After the results we will prepare relevant proposals. However, the main result — saved the lives and health of our children,» concluded Kuznetsov.