Ukraine told about the «huge» gas reserves in the country

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in potamanthidae enterprise. Archival photoUkraine told about the «huge» gas reserves in the country© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

Ukraine has a «huge» gas reserves, and their volumes are among the largest not only in Europe but in the world, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the party «Base» Sergei Taruta, the TV channel NewsOne.

«Ukraine has huge gas reserves, third in Europe and one of the largest in the world. What is needed in the country? You need five to seven billion investment in the oil and gas industry with the use of new technologies that will fully provide us with independence on imports. This means that we will lower our prices. This can be done in five years», — said the politician.

He also added that in ten years Ukraine will supposedly be able to start exporting huge amounts of natural gas.

«There will be more profit, more will earn a budget, every business and person. This means that we will consume much less than at present, imported gas, imported oil. This will give us the stability», — concluded the MP.

Ukraine in November 2015, has stopped buying Russian gas, and in 2016 held the first winter season without gas from Russia is getting in return for the gas reverse from Europe.
Earlier, the Ukrainian public figure Maxim Goldarb said that Russian gas continues to flow to Ukraine, because Kiev buys it from European countries.

Ukraine told about the «huge» gas reserves in the country© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photomontagist of Europe from Russian gas