Books and bread with ginseng for 18 thousand rubles: the DPRK has shown at the exhibition in Vladivostok

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in fotoracconti bridge over the Golden horn Bay in Vladivostok. Archival photoBooks and bread with ginseng for 18 thousand rubles: the DPRK has shown at the exhibition in Vladivostok© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

Consulate General of North Korea brought to Vladivostok the exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK, books about the culture, icons, sweets and medicines, among which was bread with ginseng for 18 thousand rubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

«Relations between Russia and North Korea were established 70 years ago. This is a very significant year. In the future we intend to work closely with the Primorsky Krai. This place also in order to meet potential partners, which could help us to establish a joint operating company,» — said one of the organizers.

Sports on the promenade have a large screen showing concerts by North Korean performers. In addition, the Korean exhibition is divided into three houses: the first is food and medicine, the second people’s creativity, and the third section of the book, badges and stamps. All the sellers go in bright traditional Korean dresses — Chogori.

«These products are widely known in Korea, everything is done with us. Here we have candy, cookies and cream and chocolate. There are breads with ginseng powder from ginseng, whiskey, dried ferns, mushrooms, and sets of cosmetics. All cosmetics made of ginseng,» said the girl standing behind the counter.

Chocolates and biscuits from different manufacturers are on the table in large batches and cost 300 rubles. Near — medication with ginseng, whiskey and cosmetics, their value longer.

Also sold bread with ginseng. One package with 18 loaves that are smaller than a Bank card costs 18 thousand rubles. According to the seller, these cakes are very useful, they need to be consumed in the morning and before bed.

In the next house with folk art from North Korea brought embroidered painting, depicting a flower kitchenarea, next to hang pictures with tigers, peacocks and nature. On the table are a vase, completely covered with small shells, and stitched dolls in Chogori.

In the third house on the table books on North Korea: «an Overview of Pyongyang», «Mount Paektu», the Korean stories and also collections of books of the leaders of North Korea. There are also stamps, coins, but visitors have the most popular badges of the DPRK.

The exhibition will be held from 8 to 11 September, according to the organizers, from North Korea brought a lot of products, so there’s enough for everyone.