Crashed into the Crimean bridge floating crane videotaped

In the Internet appeared the video of the collision of a floating crane with a bridge across the Kerch Strait. Video posted on YouTube.

The footage, shot by an eyewitness of the incident, see the section of the bridge to which arrived the floating crane and the ship, which, apparently, is trying to tow him to the side. While on the highway continue to pass cars.

Saturday morning in the Kerch Strait because of the storm broke from its moorings floating crane. He was nailed to one of the pillars of the road part of the bridge. The crane boom collision damaged the fence and one mast lighting, however, traffic safety is not affected. Expansion joints were left intact, changes in geometry is not fixed, the roadbed was not hurt.

After the temporary restriction of traffic on part of the route to repairing damage to the bridge was back to work normally.