During the earthquake in China injured at least 14 people

© AP Photo / Ng Han GuanСкорая care in China. Archival photoDuring the earthquake in China injured at least 14 people© AP Photo / Ng Han Guan

At least 14 people were injured in the earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9 occurred on Saturday morning in southwest China’s Yunnan province, the report said the Chinese seismological center, published in the official account in Weibo.

The first strong jolt was recorded at 10.31 local time (05.21 GMT) in Mizan-Haniska Autonomous County PU’er city district, then seismologists have registered more than 50 aftershocks of varying strength, the magnitude of one exceeds 5. Tremors were felt in 15 towns of the County, mainly in villages and small towns.

Provincial center of emergency response immediately sent to the disaster area more than 600 people, including law enforcement officers, firefighters, doctors, rescuers, working to eliminate the blockages. Also emergency sent to the special equipment, including excavators and a special camera with heat sensors. To participate in operations on liquidation of consequences were also sent to soldiers of the people’s liberation army of China.

According to rescuers, victims and the large number of victims managed to escape as the earthquake occurred after 10 a.m., and many residents of the settlements located near the epicenter, was on the streets or in the gardens.

Judging by the pictures and videos posted on social networks, destroying some settlements are quite significant, weak collapsed small buildings, mostly garages and sheds. At the houses collapsed roof, the walls had major cracks.

The video recordings from surveillance cameras can be determined that the tremors lasted for at least eight seconds, showing how some people in this time managed to leave the premises on the street. In many areas on the floor were books, cabinets, kitchen utensils, chairs, stores with shelves fell product. In some parts of occurred rock falls.

During the earthquake in China injured at least 14 people© Infographical worst natural disasters of the XXI century