France will help India to launch first manned space mission

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French national centre for space studies (CNES) is ready to assist India in preparation for the launch of the first manned mission into space, told the news Agency IANS, the head of the organization Jean-Yves Le gall.

«Since France has already developed necessary technologies and tools for manned space mission, will be created working group that will share with new Delhi knowledge in the field of space medicine, medical monitoring of astronauts and others,» said Le gall, participating in the international space exhibition in Bangalore.

As reported to journalists the head of the Indian space research organization (ISRO) Kallasvuo Sivan, the members of the first national space crew India will be trained in one of the foreign States. In the options, known as Germany, USA and Russia.

India is developing its own space program since 1947, immediately after independence. Work is conducted under the auspices of the government Department space research. The organization works for the coordination of activities of various organizations and firms within a national Comedy program, and also the development of rocket and space technology imposed on ISRO (until 1969, the Indian national Committee for space research).

Today, the organization is already actively developing space hardware, spacesuits, as well as food for astronauts. Also is actively working on creating its own manned spacecraft. As announced earlier, Prime Minister Narendra modi, in 2022, the country plans to launch the first national manned mission into space. The spacecraft has already received the name «Gahagan», which means «celestial ship».