Google has explained why she deleted a YouTube video calling for rallies

© AFP 2018 / Prakash Tip Google. Archival photoGoogle has explained why she deleted a YouTube video calling for rallies© 2018 AFP / Prakash Singh

Google confirmed that it had blocked YouTube videos of Alexei Navalny calls for rally on election day, explaining that they consider reasonable treatment from government agencies and requires that advertisers actions in accordance with local laws.

Previously a member of the Central electoral Commission Alexander Klyukin said that the CEC sent a letter to the chief Executive officer of Google Inc. Larry page with the explanation of some articles of Federal law No. 67 «On basic guarantees of electoral rights». According to the CEC, Alexei Navalny gets Google advertising tools to embed ads on YouTube about holding the September 9 events, which is political in nature. Klyukin said that in this regard, the Central election Commission has informed Google that «such events during the election campaign will entail a lot of violations of legislation on elections,» as election campaigning on the voting day and the preceding «day of silence» prohibited by law.

The oppositionist Leonid Volkov previously reported in Telegram channel that Google has removed video ads-Bulk «at the request of Russian authorities.»

«Google confirmed that the situation applies only to advertising,» — said RIA Novosti in the company.

«We consider all reasonable appeals from the public authorities. We also demand that the advertisers had acted in accordance with local laws and our advertising policy», — said the representative of Google.

However, the press service of Roscomnadzor, RIA Novosti reported that the Agency is «monitoring the actions of Google». «Assessment of the actions of the company will be given after the elections», — said the Agency.

CEC and Roskomnadzor had earlier sent Google letters of responsibility for dissemination of the calls for actions on the day of the election, which is a violation of Russian law. Single voting day in Russia will take place on 9 September.