Icebreaker «Leader» is likely to build on the «Star», said Manturov

© Photo : Krylov state research centrolenidae test icebreaker project 10510 Leader in the ice the basin of Krylov state research centre. Archive photoIcebreaker «Leader» is likely to build on the «Star», said Manturov© Photo : Krylov state research center

Atomic icebreaker «Leader» is likely to be built at the shipyard «Zvezda» in the far East, told journalists the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov.

«We looked at (for project Leader — ed.) «baltzavod», «Severnaya Verf». We believe that it creates now a new shipyard in Zvezda, which also can be used power for production», — said Manturov.

«But a high probability that the first (icebreaker — ed.) will be built in the far East. Our task is not one to build an icebreaker to 120 MW and we must have a series of at least three, and sometimes four, then it will be economically profitable,» — said the Minister.


According to him, now is the calculation of the other orders is the «Star». «We are now at the final stage from the point of view of correlation of orders for «Star» because «Leader» is built long enough. It’s a ship that will close the space dry dock for a certain period. In order not to slow down other large orders, we now expect download schedule», — said the Minister.

He added that at the moment the «Star» is a set of specialists for this project.

New nuclear submarines of the project 10510 «Leader» is conceived as the world’s most powerful nuclear icebreakers, their capacity will be 120 MW. The designer of the nuclear icebreaker of project 10510 — CDB «iceberg» (St.-Petersburg). Earlier it was reported that for the development of the Arctic will need three such icebreaker.