In Yaroslavl will appear star astronauts Ovchinin and Malenchenko

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Solemn ceremony of a bookmark of a nominal star pilots-cosmonauts, heroes of the Russian Federation Yuri Malenchenko and Alexei Ovchinin will be held at the «Alley of cosmonauts» at the Yaroslavl planetarium on Saturday.

«Our «Alley of cosmonauts» unites the glorious past and cosmic future, directed to the development of new orbits. The aim of the project is to perpetuate the memory of heroes-the conquerors of outer space, as well as on the prominent figures who contributed to the development of the space industry of our country», — stated in the message of the Yaroslavl planetarium named after V. V. Tereshkova.

It is also noted that the astronauts whose names appear on the walk, necessarily been to Yaroslavl and planetariums.

In particular, Alexey Ovchinin often visited Yaroslavl. Cosmonaut — a native of the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.

«During the work of ISS-47/48 crew conducted numerous experiments from different fields of science within the Russian scientific program (medicine, space biology, biotechnology, physico-chemical processes, etc.). A month later Alexey Ovchinin will conquer the vastness of space a second time!» — the planetarium.

According to the mission control Center, October 11 Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague will travel to the ISS aboard the «Soyuz MS-10» in place of the crew of the spacecraft «Soyuz MS-08».

«Yuri Malenchenko made six flights as the commander of the transport spacecraft and the ISS flight engineer, thus, he spent in earth orbit for over two years. In the course of the flight of Yuri Ivanovich made six spacewalks, one of which lasted for over six hours», — informs the planetarium.

The ceremony is expected the presence of both astronauts.