Lake Como in Italy found gold coins older than 1.5 thousand years

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A few hundred gold coins, whose age, presumably, more than 1,5 thousands of years, discovered by archeologists from the Italian lake Como, according to the Ministry of cultural heritage, cultural activities and tourism of Italy.

According to the statement, «a few hundred gold coins of the era of the late (Roman) Empire,» was discovered in the heart of Como, in the course of archaeological excavations conducted at the site of the former Cresson theater under restoration. Reportedly, the coins were found «in steatite vessel’s unique shape».

Experts have learned from amphorae 27 coins and sent them for examination in Milan.

«While we do not know the exact historical and cultural significance of this finding, however, this area is a real treasure for our archaeologists. I’m proud of the find,» said the Minister for cultural heritage Alberto Bonisoli.

According to the head of the local Department for protection of objects of cultural and archaeological heritage Luke Rinaldi, amphora, in which were found coins, was slightly damaged during the excavation, but in General the «perfectly preserved».

Archaeologists have analyzed some of the coins and concluded that they belong to the fifth century of our era. However, the vessel can be coins and other eras.

The value of the findings is yet to be established, however, according to Rinaldi, she «very high».