Matviyenko called «draconian» sanctions against the DPRK

© Photo : press service of Spreadsheeting of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. Archive photoMatviyenko called «draconian» sanctions against the DPRK© Photo : press service of SF

Speaker of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matviyenko called the sanctions against the DPRK draconian, noting that problems should be solved by peaceful, political and diplomatic means, not sanctions.

«Such tough, I would say, draconian sanctions, which the last time were imposed and are imposed against North Korea, perhaps the world practice knows. And despite these draconian sanctions the country is living, the head of state has done everything possible, based on its hard-working people, to get the economy moving, to improve the lives of people, and certain positive changes are happening…» — said Matvienko reporters on Saturday.

According to her, sanctions do not help to solve the existing problems.

«No sanctions will not put any people on the knees, cannot resolve any of the problem constraints, restrictions, and sanctions. Only diplomatic and political negotiations, only a peaceful solution. Everything else is destructive, and not for the approval of their ambitions to put the population into dire humanitarian situation», — Matvienko.