The MS-21 airliner want to protect from missiles

© RIA Novosti / the PR Department of the Corporation «Irkut»go to fotosensibile MS-21. Archival photoThe MS-21 airliner want to protect from missiles© RIA Novosti / the PR Department of the Corporation «Irkut»go to the Bank

Perspective Russian passenger liner MS-21 can equip airborne defense, told reporters Advisor to the first Deputy of the General Director of concern «radio-Electronic technology» (KRET, part of rostec) Vladimir Mikheev.

«The MS-21 we expect that this option would be. So we are. I think there will be a new complex, where we will summarize all the achievements of the existing defense systems. If there is a request, we are ready to create a defense system for the MS-21», — said Mikheyev.

He expressed confidence that civil aviation is this still coming, so how in the world are very a lot of areas where you can’t fly without a defense system, even on the civilian Board.

On-Board defense system protects aircraft and counteracts the anti-aircraft missile assets, including portable anti-aircraft missiles.

MS-21 Russian short and medium-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft. The MC-21 incorporates the latest developments in aircraft and engine design, avionics and systems.

The first MS-21-300 was presented to the public in June 2016 in Irkutsk, and in may 2017 held its first flight. After a series of tests, the aircraft made a 6-hour non-stop flight from Irkutsk to Moscow. In cooperation for the production of MS-21 is involved the majority of the enterprises of the KLA.