The Prime Minister of Iraq decided to launch an investigation into the activities of the security forces in Basra

© AP Photo / Hadi MizbanПремьер-the Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi. Archival photoThe Prime Minister of Iraq decided to launch an investigation into the activities of the security forces in Basra© AP Photo / Hadi Mizban

The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi decided to launch an investigation against members of the security forces guarding the building of the Iranian Consulate in Basra, said in a statement the press service of the Prime Minister.

On Thursday evening, the demonstrators in Basra set fire to the offices of the Pro-Iranian political parties and movements, and on Friday Iranian Consulate and one of the presidential palaces in the city centre. Following this, Iran has urged its citizens living in Basra, to immediately leave this city. The government of Bahrain has urged all its citizens to immediately leave Iraq. The demonstrators also broke into the territory of the field «West Qurna-2» near the city, was beaten by the police, but employees were not injured. The Iraqi Parliament will hold on Saturday an emergency meeting in connection with the protests once again swept the city.

«The head of the Council of Ministers and commander of the armed forces Dr. Haider al-Abadi postanavlivaet to initiate an investigation against units of the security service responsible for the protection of Iraqi organizations and the Iranian Consulate in Basra, for neglect of duty on the (all — ed.) the necessary protection,» — said in a statement.

Iraqi Basrah Monday of unrest. These days thousands of demonstrators demanding that the authorities improve the situation with the supply of the city with clean drinking water and electricity, conduct an unlimited action of protest, resulting in clashes with security forces. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the enraged demonstrators torched the administration building of the province and the city administration. The army, which was tasked to restore order in the port city during a crackdown on protesters, used tear gas and firearms. It is also reported that the demonstrators blocked the work of the major port of Umm Qasr near Basra.

On Thursday, the popular Shiite religious figure Moqtada al-Sadr called for Parliament to meet in an emergency meeting on the problems of Basra no later than Sunday.

Protests in Iraq began on 8 July in Basra, later spreading to other provinces of the South. The demonstrators demanded from the authorities to put an end to the shortages of electricity and water. The demands of the protesters was supported by the highest spiritual authority of Iraqi Shi’a Ali al-Sistani.

The government created a special Commission to comply with the protesters, promising the inhabitants of Basra to allocate 2 billion dinars (about $ 17 million) for work associated with the restoration of the system of drinking water pipelines and power grids. The authorities also promised to create for the inhabitants of the province of 10 thousand jobs.

The promises of the government on its measures took effect. The protest was stopped. However, a month later, they resumed with new force in Basra.